Feb 2017; Time out...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Feb 2017; Time out...

Post by Prof » Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:08 pm

A couple of days ago Rayne called to say he was riding his S&S chopper 'the back way' to visit me at The Chopper Shed. I've had the last two weeks 'off' renovating our upstairs. I've mostly only done local rides to shops to pick up gear for the house, so figured this was an ideal opportunity for a bit longer ride on my shovel. "

How about we meet at Hahndorf?" "Awsome."

Jett's been working here most days getting his second KZ 750 ready for sale, swapping some goodies and general servicing, so I suggested he meet us there as well.

Up at 8am, the day looks like being a perfect riding day. Quick breakfast, jacket, camera, phone; roll out the chopper and fire her up. Helmet on and we are away roaring up the road... definitely going to enjoy this. Do a little short cut along a dirt track and over a walking bridge. Dodge a heap of potholes and a low boggy patch and am soon back on the bitumen. It is such a glorious morning and the motor is spinning over like a charm I find it hard to keep up speed, continually dropping into slow cruise mode as I listen the the motor just idling along. I'll never make it by 9.30 if I keep doing this, so keep having to roll the throttle on... a delightful feeling on the old shovel anyway!

To cut my reveries short I finally roll into Hahndorf 5 minutes late to see Rayne's distinctive chopper with its narrow bars and tall sissybar alongside Jetts little Virago and the two leather coated chopper jocks standing close by. I pull in and join the line up.

Jett's recently finished KZ chopper is at a shop getting dyno tuned atm, so Jett is back on his 250 Virago. It is a great little reliable bike with plenty of oomph (until you hit a hill anyway) and will shortly be up for sale... terrific learners bike.

We spend the next half hour enjoying coffee or hot chocolate and talking choppers. Rayne has recently come across a great post on a stainless chopper build and has posted a link in our chopper chat forum. As usual we are approached by a pedestrian with questions about the choppers.

Back to the choppers. A rear shot of Rayne's helmet perch!

Rayne has to be home to meet rellies at 2pm, so we can't go too far out of our way, but decide to go back to Willunga via Mt Barker, Macclesfield and Meadows. I get told to lead off and as soon as I am out of town swing close to the left shoulder, so Rayne can get GoPro footage. His GoPro is mounted on his left front down tube. I stay there for much of the rest of the trip... damn bumpy much of the time on our disintegrating back roads.

We pull in to the BP in Mt Barker to juice up, having to cut in front of a cop car in the process. He does not bother us. Hate the name, but tried a 'selfie' via window reflection...

Rayne filling up via Maltese cross mirror...

Riding is fantastic as we keep fairly tight formation through the curves and straights firstly to Macclesfield and then Meadows. Out of Meadows, I motion to the others to pass me and get a good piece of video footage of Rayne and his S&S Pan. A still of Rayne pelting along just out of Meadows...

We take a number of interesting paved back roads and finally roll into our place at 11.30. I lead them across the same little stretch of walking trail as I used a few hours earlier. It's quite tricky in a couple of places but they pass with feetup and flying colours.

Next hour or so are spent helping Jett on the KZ he is selling. I personally think the KZ is ideal chopper material and far superior to the XS 650. It is far better designed and built, ultra reliable, a narrow engine and with 55hp stock as good cruising ability...

We also check out my video footage and then Rayne blasts off, his fishtail's crackle, loud and sharp.

Jet has to go the the local bank and I have to get a couple of things for the super market, so we ride off together. I put him on my CB750 chopper and ride his Virago. Get this shot of him on the CB...

Another shot c/o the Virago mirror...

Jett leaves around 5pm and will be back tomorrow to finish a final couple of bits on the KZ and hopefully ride it home...

It has been a good day... a great ride (though way too short) with good friends, some successful work in the workshop and a bit of creative architrave work up stairs. Just time to put up this post, a pic on facebook and then to bed very satisfied with the events just described.

Get out on your choppers fellas, even if the rides are short...
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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