Shed night...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Shed night...

Post by Prof » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:55 am

Yesterday I finished work in the workshop early to head into the city to help out a couple of the CA blokes with chopper issues. Jett's motor has some pronounced leaks and he is considering swapping it with a crate motor he has from the US. A compression check is in order. Jason's front pulley has come loose and the Alternator rotor and pulley have sheared their flutes. I'm bringing down a replacement rotor and he has a new pulley on order. More on that later.

So, its going to be 4 or 5 degrees, so I put on an extra layer, fire up the shovel and take off down the drive in light drizzle. It clears within a few minutes and the night is clear for the rest of the night. I have a smashing time riding to my first port of call. Although it is peak hour, most of the traffic is oncoming. I have a great time filtering at the lights and passing a variety of vehicles, not hing like a long raked chopper sweeping around cars and South Australia's well potholed roads.

I've replaced my motor at a bit over 200 thousand miles due to a gudgeon grooving the cylinder wall. Not bad for a shovel motor still with untouched bottom end. The new motor is really sweet, though a bit less punchy than my original, but oil tight and very smooth. It's just run in (had a cylinder rebore or hone; not sure which) and responds nicely to any throttle movement... and sounds great, just a joy to ride, especially when one is in high spirits and feeling a bit mischievious!

Anyway I have a grand time, eventually pulling up at Rayne's. He's not been too well the last few days but is determined to at least ride with me to Jett's 10 minutes away. Now it's two noisy choppers blasting through the traffic! Jett comes out as we park our machines on the verge (street packed with parked cars) and while we chat in his kitchen I open my tea, baked beans followed by a can of creamed rice! Then up to his AV room to check out the final cut of the first set of our Choppers Australia video clips.

Then we troupe out to his garage to do what we came for. First step, battery out of Jetts KZ chopper to power up the crated motor...

Compression is excellent, and the motor which is supposed to have less than 20 thousand miles on it is nice a clean... so putting it into his chopper as is looks like the way to go...

A shot of the two enthusiastic chopper jocks. Virago on the left is for sale...

A car space has opened up so we roll our choppers over the kerb for a photo. A taxi pulls up across the street and the driver enthuses over our choppers... loves the tall sissy bars ... and offers to take a few shots. Bit blurry, but you get the idea. Thanks mate...

Now three classic choppers blast off into the night... and blast is the word cos we are all in the groove! Rayne leaves us on the outskirts of the CBD and now just a KZ750, 80 cube shovel and their switched on riders are at large! We cruise up lower Rundle street, but due to the temperture I guess it is pretty dead. Right swing north and quick left down a side street to avoid a heap of roadworks and closed lanes. Jett leads and I follow, pulling up close alongside him at the red lights. We do a left swing at the Morphett Street Bridge and Jett leads me back up Hindley Street which is much busier and has a surprising number of sports bikes parked. Profiling done, we sweep right onto King William and finally find ourselves blasting down a dark street and finally onto Anzac Highway... and fun at the lights... hmm...

Jason's pad is 15 minutes away. He is munching on his tea as our two choppers roll down his drive, sweep around in a nicedly choreographed 180 pulling up ready for a quick getaway.

My replacement rotor fits and the front pulley minus a pile of original washers and spacers lines up nicely with a straight edge. Jason's chopper (see Chopper Shed forum thread for the build details ... =60&t=8102 ) originally had a RevTech motor and drive train. The motor blew up soon after he began riding it and was replaced with an S&S (almost 2 litre brute). The revtech rotor was very cheap and shoddy and the flutes were only 4mm wide. The Harley rotor has a raised portion inside and outside making the fluted area 12mm or more. No wonder the RevTech rotor sheared. Jett noted later that he would now be worried about the RevTech gearbox giving up. Time will tell I guess.

Jason has finally taken delivery of a new springer from the US and delighted in showing us what it looked like by his chopper. We're putting together a 73-77 narrow glide hub with a 21" HD rim and stainless spokes with a PM (I think he's ordered) caliper. Springer is chrome molly and needs some method of mounting the brake retainer. I'v got to check out someone who knows chrome molly to see it it can be welded or will be better with a clamp as we did on Jett's springer...

Here's a better pic of the springer... $1500 landed in Adelaide...

About ten pm, so about time to let Jason pack up and hit the sack (6am start), so we kit up and wheel our choppers out the front, fire them up and repeat our previous riding exploits back into the CBD... Jett reckons supper at The Pancake Kitchen would be just the ticket. Cruise up Hindley again and more action now. Park the choppers in front of our destination. Gosh, they've put in a new door and opened up the front wall with a bar and casement windows ready to serve drinks to the public outside. Old door should be hung somewhere on a frame... what stories it could tell of the thousands who have pushed it open since the place opened in the early sixties...

A good time with chopper talk and finally after midnight we figure we'd better make a move. Two classic choppers fire up and roll out into the streets...

I have a glorious ride home. It's cold but once the cheeks chill, they stay that way(numb I think) and you don't really feel the cold. Wet roads and a bit of drizzle and I'm rolling back up our drive. Kitchen lights are on which means the second (or is the first) of my faithful ladies is waiting for me with some piping hot desert.

Great night, mates, choppers and riding... Rayne and Jett are keen on another campout in a local forest as soon as we get a clear weekend... that will be even better, if that's possible!
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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