2017 Willunnga Swap

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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2017 Willunnga Swap

Post by Prof » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:34 pm

Willunga Swap Meet was on once again this year.

The seven o'clock start meant a less early rise than most times and I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise as my shovel and I rolled out of our front gate and headed towards the hills for the 1 mile ride to the event. Rilda followed me in the car, so I could come back for my Aermacchi Harley 350 which is for sale.

This year's swap meet turned out a to be a bit wimpy with less than half the stalls and even less buyers. However, there was some interesting gear there including this Rudge, WLA frame and springer back legs. I was in a bit of a hurry and took a quick snap not asking the prices as I was not interested in the Rudge and someone was standing in front of the frame etc. Only realised it tonight editing the photos!

Across the lane, this early narrow springer was for sale for a $1000. Too long for t he great Nanny of Oz, so would need to be cut down or a high steering head and curved rockers might make it reasonably unoticed by the Gestapo...

A line of hot rods varied through the morning... only got these three. Talked to the driver of the pink machine (he built it for his wife). They travel from SA to and through the eastern states towing their van. Reckon it is really comfortable and nice to drive... has a sidevalve V8...

The monarchs hotrod club were represented selling some gear including a rear 16" wheel and a front end which I purchased...

Another shot of the pink machine...

A number of stalls had bike parts. A couple advertised for sale... though someone looking here might be interested...

I rode my Harley Sprint around in the hope a buyer might be there, but no luck. It attracted many curious onlookers and I would have made a killing charging ten bucks to answer each "What is it? question!

Some of theCA members who came along during the morning to offer a bit of support for CA; Jon, Terry, Dylan and Rick (a new ten year member)...

Terry came down to The Chopper Shed to do some work on his sissy bar on Saturday, stayed the night and came along at the 7am opening time with me.

The CA folks were invited to a BBQ lunch, but Chris (a Willunga'ite) was the only one who could stay... so after everything was packed up and we had ridden back and a new customer from the Swap Meet had been served Chris and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and another Swap meet had been attended and enjoyed...
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Re: 2017 Willunnga Swap

Post by jett » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:25 am

looks great! wish i hadn't been working so i could have made it down to check it out in person.

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Re: 2017 Willunnga Swap

Post by Hottentot61 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:09 am

Had all intensions to go but my bloody lungs were playing games again. Really disappointed sorry guys!

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Re: 2017 Willunnga Swap

Post by Tri4 » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:21 am

That Rudge is certainly in better condition than the one I found on my last trip, you Guys get around the traps over there I seem to miss most of what happens around here. Enjoy the ride!!

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