Pic of one of my old CB750s ... memories!!!!!

Pics of Australian Forum Members'choppers in the 60's & 70's... post or email your photos and commentary to andrew@choppersaustralia.com
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Pic of one of my old CB750s ... memories!!!!!

Post by VMAX » Thu Jan 25, 2007 12:58 am

Hi guys,
I found a pic of one of my old CB750 chops.
Its the one on the bottom left (Black and silver with a dodgy paint job :) REG POI 1255)

I had sent the pic to HondaChopper several years ago..and forgot about it until I was surfing the net a few months back and was very pleasantly supprised!
Pictured on page 23 of their gallery.
I have better pics on another laptop that I will post later..sometime..

The pic isnt particulary good, but it brings back memories!!!
Actually, it wasnt taken that long ago - it was taken outside the Queens University Belfast (Students Union/PUB!) in 1999. Yes I was still being kool when everyone else thought Chops were 'out of fashion!'

The bike remained almost exactly as you see it here (and was ridden to rallys in Ireland) until I sold it in 2003 to come to live in Oz.
The guy I sold it to collects 750/4s and has it 'preserved' in a shed in Belfast. Maybe one day I will get it back again :(

I built this bike while I was a student and rode it to Uni for the duration of my 5 year degree...and longer. It was a real budget bike, originally purchased as a box of bits for 300 quid (sterling)..after haggling from 500 :)
Lots and lots was missing, but it kept me busy.

It was bored out to at least 810, I realized this when I went to replace the barrels and pistions with a great condition stock set I bought..and promptly found that the con rod (small end side) were drilled oversize and it had massive gudgeon pins. So the big bore kit was left untouched.

Anyway enough jabbering on..
here is the pic:

Andrew: Maybe you can paste it here instead? If not I will email you more of it and others..after this trip down memory lane I will definitely hunt out my old laptop and get the pics of it.

..One Day I'll get it right!..

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Post by 74chopper » Fri Jan 26, 2007 11:18 am

very cool G
Cheers Rob
750/4 choppers Rock

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Post by Cromag » Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:25 pm

I like it, what did you say the frame was? (hasnt film come along way)


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