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Post by foopy » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:42 pm

Big D wrote:Foopy , its been great watching this bike come together , you have great talents, hats off to ya mate.
just an idea for the brake though , to save breaking brake cables , ya might want to change the angle of the lever so it pulls the cable 'out' rather than 'down' , like in this photochop render i did - just an idea, not a criticism, keep choppin buddy

Thanks for the props bud,and a awesome idea bro!Some times it's the simple things you over look and this is a great tip I will take on board:wink:

Thanks again Foopy.
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Big D
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Post by Big D » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:01 pm

cheers mate , i have loved watching this bike build ( i have built a push bike chopper or two in my time and yours shows me what is possible when you put the effort in - top job )
i was thinking too , with all your obvious skills and technical abilities (which outway my own im sure) why you would've done it the way you did in the first place, keeping a nice line along the top frame tube maybe?...
and my idea messes that up slightly, you could also instead of making a lever with the 90º bend in it like i photochopped, put a small cam wheel at the pivot point and have the cable run around the cam wheel as the leverage , to keep a nice line that better suits the frame line.
Alternatively, to keep work to a minimum, could also use an old push bike brake lever with an opening or split ring clamp, and have it mounted directly under the frame tube, this way you would not need to fabricate a 'stay' point for the outter cable cos it would be on the lever assembly itself. and its reversable with no alterations or repairs needed on the frame itself if you later decided to mount a handlebar brake.
just some ideas....
i'm sure which ever way you go it will still be part of one the most awesome home built pushy choppers i have seen.
cheers mate.

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Post by foopy » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:42 pm

Hey D,yep the bar is bent to follow the lines of the top tube.I have done a few drift brakes before,I used a Techro lever before and a old hunting/switch blade style knife with a fist grip on my personal bike,yes it's still sharp.

But I'm a bit of a stickler for curves and hide as much as I can.Point in case a young fella told me the brake didn't work cos it went nowhere.When I pointed to the disc and caliper and showed him how it doe's stop the bike he stated how it would not stop the bike very well.I guess you just can't please some people can ya,the type who always look for faults.But they can't build there own anyway so there opinion doesn't matter to me in any way.

Still the lever was done only after paint and was a rush job to say the least so changing the lever to suit is not a drama but it has to appeal to me first and formost.I never sell anything I wouldn't want to own my self so I build all of em to my tastes.

But your ideas do have merit and I have listened and will have a crack at reworking it over the weekend :wink:

Thanks again...Foopy
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