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Forum suggestion thread...

Post by Prof » Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:31 pm

After PC locked this thread, I moved it to the Archives so I could start going through it next week.

In what is normally a simple process I lost the thread.

We have have spent a couple of hours this morning trying to arrange a backup of the forum from the hosting body, but their back up version was corrupt. We could go back to a few days ago but then would lose all the posts since then.

As I have only quickly read through most of the thread and not seen the last day or so's worth, the best solution seems to be the following...

Would each person who wishes to make suggestions on improvements to the forums...

Put their ideas into a single post.. No second posts or responses ie one post per person.

Keep your posts to the point and no personal stuff please.

We'll let the thread run for 10 days to give everyone time to get back to the forum.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
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Post by Bearcx » Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:30 pm

If it's not broken, don't fix it. Bear CX.
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Post by Happosai » Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:37 pm

Improve the Registration proccess.
Make the site viewable ONLY AFTER logging in.
Have a "Report a Post" tab, allows other users to report a post to the Admin/Mods.
Have a "User Reputation" tab, allows all users to rank individual users.
Have an Adult section, allows for some more adult banter.
Shrink/merge some of the similar threads to improve searching/navigation.

Work out what the actual demographics of the site are and cater for the majority not the minority.

My 2 cents worth.

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Big D
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Post by Big D » Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:44 pm

i joined ( very recently ) cos i liked the forums the way they are.
im not closed minded to change, but considering how small a demographic this subject is actually aimed at , i would say this place does fairly good.

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What Happosai said

Post by XSChop » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:34 pm

Yeah basically just what Happosai said.

New users should be able to register and use the forum immediately without approval and it should WORK first time every time.
I believe a Captcha code is an add on available for PHPBB

Prune the forum membership. Contact all Non Active registered forum users and if they don't respond get rid of them.
Probably more than 50% of registrations are duds and that clutters up the system leading to problems.

Don't have any form of Top Down censorship. Make it member driven.

And Please just turn on the Avatars (so Backa doesn't have to have his logo in his signature :)

Making the forum only readable by Members would be a BAD move !
It is only because the forum content is available and Searchable by search engines that the site get's it's high hit level on the internet.
If the forum is member only this content will not be searchable and new people will find it much harder to find us at all.
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Post by Reaper » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:26 pm

Happosai wrote:Improve the Registration proccess.
Make the site viewable ONLY AFTER logging in.
Have a "Report a Post" tab, allows other users to report a post to the Admin/Mods.
Have a "User Reputation" tab, allows all users to rank individual users.
Have an Adult section, allows for some more adult banter.
Shrink/merge some of the similar threads to improve searching/navigation.

Work out what the actual demographics of the site are and cater for the majority not the minority.

sounds good to me , couldn't have said it better

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Post by bendnstretch » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:36 pm

Bacca Please do not take this the wrong way, as I am not out to target any one, just want to keep it fair for all.

Bacca I have noticed that you display a small pic of your back patch, down near your signature. It does not personally offend me, I don't mind what it represents or anything.

But I think it would be wise to remove it from this web site, as this is being unfair to all other club riders, or simply allow other club riders to display their back patch.

I don't mind either way.

On another note.

I like the forum, especially the meeting area, as I like to org rides with others and meet new people interested in choppers.

I like banter as a lot of my new found friends are on this site, and I have no problem with brand bashing either. I mean come on, what's wrong with it, I believe it's no different from football, and I just don't get into football of any kind, sorry, just not me. So please don't delete it either.

I will rephrase what I have said earlier as I think some others took it the wrong way.

I understand that Andrew is a very busy man, with a lot of things on the go. I and others would love to help and have some different ideas/tastes that we would love to run with too.

We have offered and have presented these ideas in the past, but Andrew is just too busy to look into all these ideas, that people put forward.

I think it maybe easier if each state run their own area, including things like, merch, designs, posting of pics on the front page, regular articles being sent forward to the newsletter, helping with the forum and maybe on a rotation if we have a few volunteers.

I believe that this will help ease some of Andrews work load, but we would need complete jurisdiction/control from Andrew.

Obviously we would still need to run things past our state coordinator and a few other regular helpers, but this will help give some of us some direction in this much loved site and I also believe this will help bring more people closer to CA, being active is a really positive thing.

If a state is unable to do this, maybe due to lack of members or does not wish to, then maybe it can default back to Andrew or another state.

I get out of CA, what I put in.

If you wish to meet others and want to go for a ride, just post one, who knows who will turn up, maybe some, one or none, don't get disheartened. We all live busy lives, some times you can make it, some times you can't.

With that said, I will not be posting rides on behalf of others, unless you don't have access to a computer, just because I may be the current state ride coord, if I can't make it to a ride why would I be wanting to org one for you, please org your own ride, long or short.

But I will help you get in touch with other riders if needed, just give me a buzz, I am always happy to help.

I believe we will be trying to work a joint ride with NSW sometime in the future, Sorry XSChop, I have been really sick at the moment, but I have some info coming that may help us. talk soon.

Remember all, change is the only thing that is constant, there is nothing wrong with CA, it is beautiful, there is just a few things that we can update/customize, to make sure CA survives the distance, with the ever changing environment that we all live in.

That's my Two Cents.

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Post by sks » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:37 pm

allow banter/brand bashing. i also dont do gAy F.L. or thugby so it's bike banter for me..... and i dont even ride, i have a pile of Hinkley Trimuph parts in 3 sheds (soon to be 4. yay)

stop the censorship we are all big boys and girls (some bigger than others) and can stick up for our selvs and each other. on every other forum i go on to if you step out of line you'll get shot down in flames. never had any thing of mine deleted on them but here i can get deleted for steping out of line or ledgitmatley answering some ones question with out brand bashing or swearing.

also on swearing, i think if there any kiddies on here they'd have heard worse in the school yard. i think every one on here dose keep things pretty clean but you (who ever the deleting feary is/are) seem to delete minor words like pi$$, bl :shock: dy and so on. i'n not saying people should use the c or f words but maybe words that are used on TV as a guide.

reduce the area's instead of having 57363984323.7 difrent areas to say somthing just have arounf 4 like
  • in the pub
    in the shed
    trading area
    tech tips
it'll make the site a lot less clunky.

become a democracy i origonaly joined up as a paid up member as it's a forum with a bunch of people into the things i'm into and we can move the club forward if there is somthing we dont like. but i'v found it's more of a dictatorship and if one peticular person dose or dosent like somthing, thats the way it go's.

somthing BNS pointed out. other clubs should not be promoted here. this is CA not a spring board for others.

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Post by pommychopper » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:16 pm

Here's my suggestions, but first i'd like to address XSchops concerns.
So far as the registration process goes we've not been able to find any way better than what we've got, we do it this way as some time ago we had massive problems with spammers, to daily epidemic proportions, a lot of those are still registered on the forum as it takes hours to delete them.

I understand that it's not possible to get the "type in the word in the box" type thing on our forum.

So basically as it stands now, if prospective forum member don't email us they don't get activated.
If they email i activate them instantly, what goes on so far as their activation emails i don't know.

My suggestions for the forum are similar to Haps;

Improve the Registration proccess.
Make the site viewable ONLY AFTER logging in.
Have a "Report a Post" tab, allows other users to report a post to the Admin/Mods.
Have a "User Reputation" tab, allows all users to rank individual users.
Have an Adult section, allows for some more adult banter.
Shrink/merge some of the similar threads to improve searching/navigation.

I have never, as an admin ever had anyone ever contact me to say they didn't like comments someone said about their bike, mates bike, dogs bike, mums bike, 2nd cousins aunties mates postmans bike, so i just don't think the "brand bashing" thing is as bad as it's been made out.

I don't wanna see swearing on the forum, i can watch the tv or listen to the radio, the mother in law, or local schoolkids for that.

This forum HAS to stop treating people like children, there are so many rules in every day life and we just impose a page and a half of rules on grown men, (and Matty) and basically treat them like kindergarten kids, even most kindy kids use words i'd not heard before.

And for those blokes who are offended when someone says they don't don't like their bike cos it looks like puss, when it was welded by Stevie Wonder and painted by Ray Charles, that's life, we don't all go out and shake each other hands and say how great our bikes and complexions are, life aint like that.

I've seen bikes on here and through my shed that i wouldn't use as a garden ornament, on here i don't post my thoughts, is that's wrong when the frame snaps due to poor engineering and/or welding, so maybe we should say oi mate that's not good, get it welded properly etc etc....... i would say off forum what i think of their bikes to anyone that has a dangerous pile of carp of a bike!

I could go on!!!

I think those who have posted this time round have summed it up, many people do not use this forum cos we're seen as a bunch of over complimentary boring clowns.

If the forum is going to succeed we nee to lighten up, man up and get on with building and riding!!

Cheers all

I could go on????


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Post by RickB56 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:57 am

Basically I think it comes down to this...If you treat your friends like children, they will go play somewhere else.

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Post by Jedi » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:18 am

Wayyyyyy too many forums versus the amount of traffic.
Website would grow if it wasn't so diluted with a few posts spread in a thousand forums. :)

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My $0.02.

Post by Neo Dutch » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:42 am

Condense the folders.
Allow attachments for pics.
Allow good heart banter and bagging between friends.
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Post by pommychopper » Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:30 pm

It's not hard to change the forum to only those who are registered can read.

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Post by Prof » Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:57 pm

I've begun digesting the suggestions put forward re forum operation and structure.

So tonight I've made a beginning and spent 4+ hours both reading and making some changes.

1. Aussie feature choppers is now amalgamated into one thread. This was meant to be a place for a magazine style feature with detailed info and pictures of members and friend's choppers. No contributions were ever received. As a result, I decided to put in the choppers featured in Chops'nBobbers with extra photos, but not had time as yet to do more thatn the 5 currently listed... however it is on my mind almost every time I open the forums and is something I really want to develop!

So that's three forum topics removed!

2. Members information thread has been removed. This was originally for the minutes of our meetings held in SA plus announcements to members. The members input forum works fine, so I agree that it isn't needed.

So that's four forum topics removed.

82 sportster discussion thread has been removed

So that's five!

I don't see any others that can be deleted without reducing the effectiveness of the information aspect of the forums.

3. One member has asked a couple of times about a decision on banter. Another common complaint was the big list of forum rules, so I have addressed that so far as follows...

When I set the forums up initially, I had a simple list of guidelines relating to our G rating, welcoming and encouragement of all types of bikes and styles of choppers. Over the years we have had a number of heated discussions about language, an x rated thread and some instances of unpleasantness towards individuals and brands. A number of demands were made that we 'spelled everything out', so we amalgamated rules from two major forums with some modifications to suit our situation... the result being the big list of rules some now complain about! Can't win!

So you will find in the rules threads (which are at the top of a couple of our forum topics... eg chopper chat) a simplified guide to using these forums.

Key principles of this website are G rating, encouragement (ie no brand bashing or personal insults). As a couple of members have pointed out we have new people coming to this site on the understanding all makes and styles are acceptable... to then confront them with negatives is pretty dumb.

Despite assurances that we are all adults and can control our passion on this site (be self regulated) each time the admins have allowed a thread to continue, the opposite has occured.

Truth is we can't, so removal of negative posts and word censors will remain. Some say they haven't seen this happen. This is usually because admins between us are on the forums 4-5 x per day, so most is removed soon after posts have been made.

Before anyone screams censorship and loss of your rights, remember that...
1. these forums have a specifically stated policy to which all have signed to before joining and
2. some of us have the right to NOT be confronted with put downs, negatives and bad language.
3. this is not about censorship it is about standards
4. In the appropriate threads your points of view can be put on religion, bikes, government... if presented in a non confronting and logical fashion.

Any members who have been trained in personal development or business management will know that an individual or organisation cannot be built successfully on negatives and personal putdowns.

It has also been medically demonstrated that the human brain cannot distinguish between a personal negative said seriously or one said in jest... something for those of us with wives and kids to remember.

I accept that general banter is recognised as a part of a healthy forum so that's fine. As we have more admins, older posts will be trimmed to retain their information value. Older posts that are no longer relevant will be removed, as they are now (when we have time). On this point, over the years a dozen or so people have offered to take care of specific forums, but it has pretty much been just PC and myself who have been active in this task, so anyone who has some time to keep a track of a forum topic and delete older posts and tidy threads will be helpful.

4. Forum needs to remain visible to non forum members. You would be surprised at how many members read the forums every day for a year or more before joining up.

5. Instant Forum Registration... as PC has pointed out, we need the current system to prevent spamming. This is why we have hundreds of non sensical and non active forum members listed... . PC and I spent hours each day removing pornographic posts until we instituted current system. I am sure Pc would be happy not to have to spend the time he does, approving members (almost daily).

6. Those who do not know what is on web pages, should spend some time going through them. They are necessary for the general public many of whom do not go onto forums... are just looking for info and encouragement. the home page photo is changed every month or so and I spend quite a bit of time finding a good pic, so it is worth you checking that page regularly.

Well its a start. Some suggestions I don't understand (the terms used) so will be asking those people for more informatin. It takes time... and I haven't had time to do a ride report for almost twelve months, so be patient.

I'll do some more reading over the next weeks and see what else can be done. I agree that we can do with less words and more photos on the home page and have done a small amount there and will do more as time allows.
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Post by Zoid » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:13 pm

A step in the right direction, Andrew. Could we not prune the topics even further? Do we really need to differentiate between 'American', 'European', 'British' etc. choppers 'from the net'? Why not just 'Choppers from the net'? Could we not incorporate 'Choppers in the Movies' into another thread, perhaps? Just something else for your consideration, Andrew. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
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