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Re: Best Deals on Helmets

Post by Chops » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:26 pm

Was pinged a few years back.. for 'not wearing a helmet'.. as written on the ticket.. cause apparently... if it doesn't have the sticker.. and more importantly.. the stitched in tag inside the helmet.. then they consider you to 'not be wearing a helmet'... and back then.. it was 3 points and three hundred and something dollars (apparently it's more now)... plus they normally confiscate the 'tupperware bowl' your wearing.. his words.. not mine... and you either have to get someone to run a helmet out to you.. as I did.. and the wife wasn't real impressed.. or trailer it home..!?

And the copper made it pretty clear to me.. that now a days.. they don't really care for the sticker on the outside.. as they know you can buy fakes for around $50.. if you know where to look.. but the patch on the inside.. is much harder to 'fake'..

They even take photos of the helmet.. outside and inside.. in case you want to contest it..!?

So if they see you in an odd looking or what they think is a suspect helmet.. or they are just bored looking for some revenue raising.. then they'll pull you over.. and flip it.. to look inside..!?

In the end.. you have to ask yourself... Is it worth the points and dollars.. again and again..

I chose not.. especially as I only had a few left after the last time I got pinged..!?
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