HOw to Measure for handle bars

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HOw to Measure for handle bars

Post by Prof » Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:05 am

This was a reply in another thread. Worth having here as well I think...

YOu need two people...Block up your bike level and put your feet on the foot pegs. Younow sit on your bike with your hands exactly where you want them including wrist angle and width apart. Have your chosen risers installed.

Presumably you want the bars to swing up at the same angle as your forks, but this may mean extra rear set on your bars.

For best control keep your bars a bit below shoulder height and at normal riding position your elbows should be bent. This reduces loss of control when turning on full lock (due to excessive stretch)... and stops the rain running into your gloves.

Rearwards and downwards angles of handgrips should be what is natural for your wrists when in the riding position.

Step 1... measure the height from the risers of the part of the handlebar where your thumbs rest. distance measured should be in line with your forks.

Step 2... Measure the distance between your thumbs. When I make the bars I will add an extra two inches in total width so you can fine tune them. Suggested thumb width for best control is same as the outside of your shoulders.

Step 3... Lay a straight edge across your tank perpendicular to bike axis and make up a cardboard triangle that matches the pull back of your handgrips (Ie when looking down on your bars)

Step 4... Use the straight edge as a level across your tank and make a cardboard triangle that matches the drop of your handgrips (ie when looking forwards at your bars)

Step 5... Get off the bike, walk around and sit back on and do the proceedure again at leadst twice.

With luck you will get similar measurements each time. If not see if you can work out why. you need to find what is a natural position if you are to end up with comfy bars.

ONce you reckon you have it right...

Get a protractor and measure the angle of the two triangular shapes you made.

Send all these measurements (or for anyone else reading use them to set up your bars) and if they are accurate, I should be able to do you a set of bars that give you the position you need.

ps handlebars above shoulder height may look cool but cause fatigue and reduce control.

Super wide bars are a current fashion with little to recommend them safety or comfort wise.
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Re: HOw to Measure for handle bars

Post by Aussiehard » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:05 pm

I got a whole post on it on my blog with diagrams. ... -bars.html

May help those who just like to look at the pictures.

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Re: HOw to Measure for handle bars

Post by JAC » Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:56 am

Have got to ensure the lowest point of the bars in no more than 380mm from the lowest point of the seat? Or is that measurement "optional".


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