whats the best way to remove chrome( and cheapest)

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whats the best way to remove chrome( and cheapest)

Post by wolfsbane » Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:49 pm

Ok guys a tech tip needed
what is the best way to remove chrome platting i need to do a quick strip down of this KZ750 for a fast rego and the chrome on most is shall we say *#@** so want to paint it.

im talking mufflers down to springs and foot controls

K! for mufflers and paint for the rest

So the question again is whats the best way to remove chrome( and cheapest) so i can repaint below some pics give you an idea



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Re: whats the best way to remove chrome( and cheapest)

Post by Prof » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:40 pm

Chrome plating place will strip the chrome. Not sure how effective sand blasting is, but you have a fair bit of rust which looks failry deep so you may need to sand blast as well. You can buy a chrome plate primer so the paint will stick.

Surfed the net and found these...

The quickest way to remove chrome and the copper/ nockel undercoat is dilute sulphuric acid ( as used in lead acid batteries. You can soak with periodic inspection and rinsing or you can speed the process up using elecrolytic action, e.g. connect the item to be stripped up to 12 volt supply and use a piece of lead as the cathode ( similar size to item being stripped) also connected to supply positive. If you have it the wrong way round the lead plate will fizz insted of the item you want to strip ( reverse connection. however the soaking method will work for most decorative plating finshes in a short time. Be careful with acid use long rubber protective gloves and apron and eye protection goggles).

Response to the above...
I think soaking with periodic rinsing and inspection will never remove the nickel and copper because neither nickel nor copper is soluble in sulfuric acid--have you actually tried it? Yes, you can remove it in acid with electricity, but it is usually better to use an electrolyte or process which selectively dissolves a coating without attacking the substrate. Sulfuric acid will attack the steel at least as fast as it attacks nickel and copper. Still, for a down and dirty approach, it's interesting.

At the hard chrome shop I worked in many years we had a tank with a mix of 1/3 hydrochloric acid and the rest water we used to strip the chrome off of pieces so we could polish the bare steel for re chroming. Such as hydraulic shafts. Also used the same tank for removing mill scale off new plow disc so they could be ground and polished. And to remove rust off pieces. Most decorative chrome has a very thin coat of copper plating under it that the hydrochloric mix may not remove but is easily removed with light polishing. Usually overnight soaking would do. If there is a chrome shop in your area the might give you some. A gallon of it would be plenty for your purpose or they might soak them for you.

The above are for removing chrome off steel... apparently chromed alloy is another matter.
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Re: whats the best way to remove chrome( and cheapest)

Post by KBG » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:13 am

I have been trying to remove chrome with electrolisis with out much success .
Esp. stuff with pitting in the chrome seems to eat the steel more than the plating.
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