Suicide shift comments...

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Suicide shift comments...

Post by Prof » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:07 pm

I asked James how he got on with his jockey shifted Pan. Here's his reply by email. Thanks James for your comments

Jockey shift, it’s just second nature to me. Many of my bikes since the 1980’s I’ve modified them to be this way. Even my last build (attached) a 113 ci nitrous - 300 rear was suicide shift and capable of 290 km. I was clocked at 260 kmh on a drag strip on this beast.

Although now days I’m over Twin Cams, they do nothing for me and it’s now old school only for me. It doesn’t take long to get use to jockey shift, just in the early stages you need to leave plenty of room until you’re comfortable and confident, and most of all have your bike set to handle single handed well.

My present bike is a 1955.

it’s a handful at times, especially in roundabouts here in Mackay, others (cages) not using their blinkers and racing into roundabouts to slot in or to beat others entering, having to hand signal, cars not giving way and keeping up enough speed to see you through a right hand turn single handed is an experience here.

Hill starts to the left can also a hand full when you’re just starting out with foot clutches, have had some funny experiences over the years, but ya gotta laugh them off, you soon learn how to ride the clutch, just like you would in a car.

Baker in the USA do make a N-1 shifter which could help some people, but standard shift is my preference.


Anyone using (or who've used) suicide shift care to comment?
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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