Shovel smoothness

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Shovel smoothness

Post by Prof » Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:32 am

While shovels if properly set up and tuned have only small and not unpleasant vibration, the motor can be further smoothed out (and given a power increase) by installing a Krank vent (look for it on the internet Krank is the brand name) and twin points. I've not done either of these yet, but have spoken with a couple of guys who have (and have no one to impress) who have noted noticable improvements to smoothness and power.

Belt drives also make a difference, though I am not to keen on rear drive belts because of some rider's experience with stones breaking them and the difficulty of replacement ie the swoing arm has to be removed.

Shovel motors also need to be properly mounted. Pull down the two rear bolts tightly and then check front mounts with a feeler guage adn shim accordingly. Although the top engine mount is supposed to be important (Shim it also if needed) i have run mine briefly with no top mount with no noticalbe difference.

Ifyou notice extra vibration while riding it can also be road surface or tyres. Pull in your clutch at 100k and see if vibratin changes. If not it is road surface, tyres or rear chain.
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