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open belt primary tech tip

Post by jimmytkirkbride » Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:12 am

heya. found this by accident when i changed my transmission gearset.

running a 3" open primary (BDL), i found that oil would slowly seep out through the clutch adjustment screw and onto the outer clutch plates/pressure plate. this is unavoidable as the seal on the nut just isn't efficient enough to stop the oil coming out. in fact, although this isn't mentioned anywhere on the net (???), BDL have redesigned their seals to work better. i have my doubts.

so, when i changed my transmission over, the clutch pushrod was too short (long story) and all i had lying around were a few spare ball bearings from the ball-and-ramp style clutch release mechanism (common to all cable clutch/five speed harleys i believe). so, i threw one of those in there on the cluch side between the pushrod and the clutch adjustment screw. as it turns out, it's just a few thousanths smaller than the inner diameter of the mainshaft, and the viscosity of the oil itself is enough to stop it from seeping past the ball.

just put a dab of grease between the ball itself and the clutch adjustment screw (and add some grease every service), and there's no more oil coming out of the tranny. make sure you keep an extra adjustment screw around as the ball bearing does wear away at it (very minor wear over several thousand klicks), but you won't notice much (if any) wear on the hardened pushrod end. oh, and don't exceed 23 oz. of tranny fluid.

before i figured this out, i was pulling my clutch pack every 2000 km for cleaning in solvent (royal hassle) because it would drag until it stalled with the clutch adjusted properly, and not want to shift out of gear unless you redlined the RPMs. of course, 2000 km was my "i can't stand it any more" limit. the problem became noticable around 1000 km. now, several thousand later and everything's perfectly dry and she shifts as she was design (which is still horrible, but not because of an oil issue).


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