Hi from the bush....

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Deni Dave
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Re: Hi from the bush....

Post by Deni Dave » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:33 pm

I'm in for sure Pygmy.

Prof I just got back from a 160klm loop involving 3 refreshment stops at the Blighty, Conargo & pretty pine pubs...(gotta stay hydrated :wink: ) and I knew beforehand that we don't have the pilot jets or slide sizes spot on but I tell you what they are a good thing on the road. It currently has a small splutter coming off the pilot circuit to the slide circuit but everywhere else in the rev/power range is near spot on. Pulls markedly better from 110klm roll on in 4th compared to the S&S, I do need to make a small airfilter for them tho as the trumpets hinder leg space as expected. Happy with it for now though. I'll be doing a couple of thousand klm run in the next couple of weeks so will see how it goes on that. (OH and NO oil leaks......happy)

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