hello everyone- looking for some info on what can be done

Introduce yourself... area where you live, your bike or bike plans, kind of riding you like to do, a bit of your biking of history, interests, family etc
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hello everyone- looking for some info on what can be done

Post by what_the?! » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:02 pm


ive been "customising" bikes for a few years now, and have taken the position that if i cant take it back to stock, then its going to affect re-sale. BUT, that was for new-ish bikes ive had.

I borke that rule with my m109, but only a bit (everything couldve been returned to stock with quite a bit of effort), by replacing the ugly headlight with one from a victory- and the controls from a harley- and that required alot of re-wiring and replacement of cables, hoses etc etc to clean it up.

the rest have been pretty straight forward bolt ons - my deluxe has alot of after market add ons, lowered guards, etc etc.

i've been wanting to build a bike from scratch, and whilst i'd like to do a complete bike from malibu cycles, my budget doesnt stretch that far, and i want to have at least 1 ride-able bike in the shed. So I started looking at what i could do with donor bikes like old Triumphs, yamahas (and some new ones like the drag star for example), hondas (i recently missed a 1975 goldwing that looked a good candidate).

BUT, what is holding me back is that the ADRs and regs dont appear to allow much...and im not so sure what i can and cant do.

I'd envisioned a hard tail with springer forks, maybe some added rake, but not too telescopic.

Hoping the forum here can guide me in what i can do legally in Australia (Victoria).

Questions like : can i buy from wrecks?, if i do, what can i do?..
can i chop?, if i do, and purchase a hard tail prefab, do i need it engineered?
exhaust pipes- whats the deal there?, it seems from what ive read, most are going to be illegal.

if i purchase a donor, is there an age that allows more scope?, if so, what is it, and what is the scope?

fingers crossed that i get some good advice, cos ive found an XS1100 im pretty keen on right now.



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Re: hello everyone- looking for some info on what can be don

Post by Prof » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:06 pm

Club regio is a possibility though the rules have recently been tightened up a lot... https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registr ... nuary-2015

you could also have a chat to Dave Taylor. He is in Vic and modifies xs650's and puts them through the proper channels. I have pm'd you his number...
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