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Post by Ol Fart » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:54 pm

In a shameless display of self promotion, I hereby announce that I have recently stocked a range of inch and a quarter bars. 33 inch drag bars, 16 inch Zeds, V bars and the old standard 8 inch pull back T bars.
I also have some beautiful little round 3 inch billet mirrors and some skull footpegs.
All the usual stuff has been topped up as well.
Did I mention 3 inch coils springs? I also have 3 inch coil springs.
I'm still un packing and photographing items so keep checking back on the site.
Dont forget to mention your paid up membership details, for a discount.

Happy shopping
750/4 Sonic chopper.
A custom bike or a chopper should be something that has had the original essence of its existence altered to project the skills, objectives and artistic vision of its creator so the viewer or “beholder” and the creator can be positively stimulated by the actual bold or sublime beauty of the bike. Both need to project an essence of suitability, practicality, function and righteousness that has no stand for mediocrity or aesthetic blasphemy.

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