Posting YouTube Videos...

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Posting YouTube Videos...

Post by admin » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:12 am

Posting a YouTube video can now be done within a post (embeded) by simply pasting in the YouTube video ID from a YouTube video's URL.

Just paste in the jumble of characters that comes after the v= in the URL of the Long Link in the 'Share' box.
Once that ID is pasted into your post highlight it and click the 'youtube' buttong in the post topic screen.

So as an example if I want to embed the following video in a post:
you would just paste in the part after the v=, so just this part...

Then highlight it and click the youtube button, which will then make it look like this...

Code: Select all

Which will then display as so...

Hope that gives everyone some fun! 8)
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