Shifter linkage

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Shifter linkage

Post by RickB56 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:29 am

Having shifting problems on an 85 FXSB. Very hard to shift smoothly between gears. Skips gears and near impossible to find neutral. Have inspected the shifter top internals. Seems OK. A couple of small burrs on the top of rotary cam, but not in the path of the rollers. The issue would seem to be that the shift linkage is a 2 piece setup from FL/FXWG model. The linkage for the FX shows a 3 piece setup. Perhaps the tranny has been changed without taking this into account. The bike has forward controls, not mid controls


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Re: Shifter linkage

Post by Prof » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:30 am

I removed all the levers from the tranny and ran a direct rod to my foot shift. I did make some calculations so I ended up with a good final ratio that makes mine a pleasure to shift. Wear and tear in the bushings doesn't help either. One customer was totally frustrated with not being up to cleanly get gears on his shovel and was blaming it on the clutch... turned out the shifter linkage was fouling and not allowing the lever to go all the way.

That said, your clutch could need adjustment. On shovels and earlier evos, the clutch basket moves out with the plates when the clutch lever is pulled in. A couple of companies including zodiac do a keeper that holds the basket in place... eliminates drag and clunk.
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