Fork tube supplies

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Fork tube supplies

Post by gages » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:57 pm

G'day all I'm currently re building my 83' Kwaka 750 twin and would love to take the neck but the costs are too high here in NSW to re engineer. To get around the and still get me chopper look I'm looking at getting 6" over fork tubes as well as stretching the swing arm by 3" and using 10.5" rear shocks to lower the rear end a bit.

I've noticed that the 36mm forks on my bike are the same size as what was used on z900/1000 and I've found a supplier on eBay in the UK selling extended fork tubes BUT. does any one know if they are exactly the same setup before I purchase or even a supplier here in OZ. who sells ?

It's such a shitty size !! Not many 36 mm fork setups


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Re: Fork tube supplies

Post by Bearcx » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:21 pm

Cant help with the fork tube thingy, but have you thought about dirt bike forks? They are normally longer for obvious reasons.
Or getting slugs made for your fork tubes? Any machine shop should be able to manage that.

Also, if you raise the front and lower the rear, it may tilt your engine back far enough to be a problem when accelerating away from the lights.
Is the Kwaka oil pick up at the front or rear of the sump?

Anyone else ??
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Re: Fork tube supplies

Post by Prof » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:15 pm

Without rake your front end will sit up a fair bit with 6 overs... 4 would still look good. I ran my CB500/4 for many years with 7" over and no rake. Re oiling, your bike has oil in sump (wet sump) unlike a CB750 with is a dry sump (oil in tank) However I still would be surprised if the slope would affect the oiling... no different to going up a steep hill. If you keep your oil topped up or even slightly higher you should be fine. I ran my 500/4 motor (wet sump)very steeply angled with no problems... just kept the oil level a bit higher.


The CB above is tilted like it is because I cut a section out of the set rails and let it sag in the middle. Cool looking and good to ride, but shortened up the seating area and it became quite a squeeze with the passenger.

Later, we cut the frame at the down tubes and below the electrics box, lifted the centre back up again and added a new top frame section from a another some more rake and now 10.5" forks. Now it is long and low (and engine back to level) with sufficient passenger space. Fantastic to ride.

Here's the CB500 as it spent most of its life. 7" extensions and no rake, rear shockers shortened to 2" travel. 5x16 drops the rear a further ¾" .
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