My Honda Santee

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My Honda Santee

Post by itheo58 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:52 pm

G,day .Only new to this site but thought I would post some pics of a Honda 750 Santee Hardtail I am restoring.
Got it of a friend at work who took redundancy and thought he would never finish.
It came with 3/4 of a motor and frame but no forks and some rusty wheels after being in his garden shed for 20 plus yrs.
I have a new wheel on the front only to discover that it was laced to a Honda 500 /4 hub [Bugger] so may have to re do with the proper hub if I cant modify where brakes attach.
The engine brackets were cut off on the left side with the intention of a HD motor being fitted but I have had new brackets made and hopefully will be welded back on soon.
Thought being a Honda 750 that engines would be plentifull but not so so it seems that the US postal service is benefiting from my Ebay purchases.
I now have all the outer covers and front hub /disk all pollished and ready so once satisfied that lower engine case fits will start on motor while frame gets sandblasted.
If any members have a picture of a completed Santee Hardtail would really apreciate to see what they look like complete.
Thanks Ian.Theobald. Nowra NSW

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Re: My Honda Santee

Post by Bearcx » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:04 pm

Welcome Ian.

Wow, what a great find.! A 750 honda in a Santee frame. That will come up real nice.
There are a couple of Honda guys on here, that may be able to help with 750/4 parts. Otherwise, as you've already found out, the Internet has made the world really small.
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