VN900C Metamorphosis Video

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VN900C Metamorphosis Video

Post by Frostbite » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:47 am

Hi Guys -
Just thought I would share a vid I made today of the Stage 1 Version of my Chop to be ... Modded Rear Guard, Air Cleaner, Coil Cover and 12"Ape Bars - and a New Painjob to set it off and apart from the bunch - Things still on the waiting list are Sissy Bar & Carry rack, and a 4" over Chrome springer front end ... I can't really call it a chop at the moment but it is definitely Not Stock, like so many others out there, I regard it as a Mild Custom at present - It is only the Bucks & resources holding me back .... ... -

Enjoy the Vid - the transformation with the New Paint is worth the effort and I am looking forward to getting the other bits later this year and earlier if I could get myself a Springer with a -Negative Offset Tree that was 2 to 4 inches over stock ....

If anyone has a Old springer laying around not being used - I accept donations gratefully ...

Take Care - Ride Safe,
Greg (frostbite)
"Recomended Therapy - 2 Rides a Week Minimum" :D

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