19. Bits & Pieces #2...

A blow by blow photographic account of chopping from stock to chop... This projcet has been given its own forum due to the large number of photos it contains making uploading slow for those of you still on "dial up".
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19. Bits & Pieces #2...

Post by Prof » Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:09 am

Fork stops...

Original fork stops were an ugly affair and cut off. Also... stock bikes always have very limited steering lock... usually to stop forks hitting tank. Ever bit the dust overbalancing on full lock on a stock bike? With a chopper's smaller and usually set back tank, the lock can and should be considerably increased. This allows you to retain a small turning circle.

If you do it properly, you can turn in a smaller space even with 6" or 8" extensions than when the bike was stock.

New stop will consist of a triangular piece of 1/4" p[late under steering head. A couple of 1/4" allen bolts will be screwed into bottom of head stem.

Measuring angle to cut the fork stop...

Frame fork stop in place. Moulding has been begun in this pic...


I like using 70's CB Honda horns. They are compact, sound great and have a nice chrome cover. Horn will be mounted under battery box on a new bracket welded to frame. Horn bracket has been cut and bent and just needs welding. Frame bracket is bolted to it in this pic. Curve fits against frame tube.

Bloke I met once, used to have a bulb horn on his handlebars. Coppers would start getting really irate when he insisted it was a great horn. As they would be about to book him he would "suddenly understand" and say "Oh you mean an electric horn!" and hit a concealed button!!!

When you think about it, horns are legally only allowed to be used to warn others of iminent danger. Who the heck is worried about sounding your horn when trying to stay up right as you hit the skids trying to avoid hitting a nitwit who has just driven across in front of you!

In my opinion, they're a waste of time on a bike.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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