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37a Motor finally in bike...

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:15 pm
by Prof
Pic for Michael to see that I am actually doing something...!


Bottom end, 20th rebore, new pistons and rings was done many moons ago. Timing side put together last week, gears installed & drive side assembled this week, engine in last night, gudgeon bushes this morning. Rear guard, tail light etc put back on this arvo after repainting and pistons, rings, barrels and rear head installed this arvo.

I raced down to pick up last bits of chroming, including engine mounting bolts last night and promptly lost a bolt and spacer through a small hole in my leather jacket pocket... and I was having great fun passing everything in sight at peak hour too! So I made a temporary bolt and spacer so Paul and I could put in the motor last night.

Tomorrow will get front head done, pushrods, lifters and carby installed and make a s's top engine bracket... so it's happeneing...