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6. Sissy Bar... and seat pattern...

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 10:13 am
by Prof
Sissy bar and seat pattern...
Sissy bar is made from 5/8 stainless round bar. Here is a simple former for doing the top bend. Clamps in vise. One person heats and the other bends. Keeping bottom sissy bar bends identical is a bit tricky, but best way I've found is to make up fame to clamp it in with a piece of thick tube as former and set up at right angles so both bends end up in the right place and sissy bar goes straight up. Reheating and rebending s/s is not recommended. After heating and bending, let it cool very slowly. Putting it in sand to slow cooling process is not a bad idea.

Drawings of ideas in background. Michael chose one on right with extra bends at backrest top to reduce radius of top bend.

Sissy bar protrudes above seat to allow octo straps to go through it. Sissy bar slides into tubing extensions welded to frame and reamed to be a nice fit. Held in place on each side with a 5/16" button head. Threading the stainless is really tough on the thread tap and operator.

Pattern is made from corrugated cardboard. Nice and stiff, but folds at bends nicely. I drew out seat off measurements working out from a centre line. This keeps everything square.

Michael wants a King Queen seat with decent rider backrest. This set up with allows good back support and elevates passenger giving her a better view. If you want a happy passenger, keep her seat slightly sloping rearward. Seats that follow line of mudguard are for looks only! Also allows some room to store a few tools and spare globes, plugs, fuses etc.