9. Shaping rear guard...

A blow by blow photographic account of chopping from stock to chop... This projcet has been given its own forum due to the large number of photos it contains making uploading slow for those of you still on "dial up".
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9. Shaping rear guard...

Post by Prof » Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:12 pm

Shaping rear guard...
We have chopped a foot off the front of the rear guard, and moved it around to just cover rear tire. We also had to cut and shut the guard in behind the shockers to keep it close to wheel. To make it look like the part, final job is to shape the guard skirts to follow the shape of the wheel.

While I hold the bike down to it's approximate rest position with engine, battery full oil and petrol tanks, Paul uses a string and texta to swing an arc from the axle. This will give a line that follows tread line on side wall and should look pretty good. Axle is locked in central position where it will tend to be with chain adjusted.


Cut ting with angle grinder. Keep worn cutting blades for jobs like this where you need a smaller diameter blade to get around corners.

Finished job lookes great.
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Post by Cromag » Sat Nov 11, 2006 8:19 pm

Nice work, tell me is that a stock rear caliper mount? Ive only ever seen those slide jobbys on that style (previous style) of frame......Bike looks hot.

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