11. Making a four fuse block ...

A blow by blow photographic account of chopping from stock to chop... This projcet has been given its own forum due to the large number of photos it contains making uploading slow for those of you still on "dial up".
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11. Making a four fuse block ...

Post by Prof » Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:44 pm

Fuse block...

Made up this nifty fuse holder from a pair XF Falcon headlight connectors. Took 30 mins. Is an excellent compact fuse holder that can be solidly mounted and uses car type blade fuses... which are easy to check, install and pick up at any service station when you are out on the road..

Finished and mounted on tpo of Battery box with 1/4UNF bolt screwing into a nut welded on underside.

I've put the full story on "Fits 'n Bits..." General.
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