Biker movies

Keep pics max of 550 wide and max of 60kb...
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Post by Panhead Marty » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:27 pm

Sounds good to me! that would be he best way to organise it. I've got these on DVD, quality is all over the place though, but mostly very good. Love to see those big chops from Angels Die Hard on a big screen!!!!!! Can't think what movie that is with the pirate shirt, i'll have a look

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Post by Cromag » Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:28 pm

I know what ya mean Roach- but hey i enjoy a good freak show too.....

Dont know of anywhere in Sydney........Enmore Theatre?......or what about a country hall, you know they used to run flicks back in the 40's/50's etc in little country halls....cant get anymore Aussie than that! it'd also make a top weekend and would thin out the freaks, and maybe give a little to a little town in need of some entertainment....A town at the end of a great bike road would be the biz..Any Ideas?

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Post by sks » Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:19 pm

BobbaZooki wrote: I have spoken (loosly) to Bret , our butcher here , and he's on the committy that manage the Burringbar sports field and he's motor mad , and they would love to do something like this , evan cover the insurance ? , I can organise the audio / visual gear and the member's can bring along their DVD's , there should'nt be a problem with copyright , as it's not a public screening .
sounds good to me. as long as it's ta least 3 month from now I'll be there. you are only 3 1/2 hours ride from my place. a good ride before and back the next day.

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Post by Panhead Marty » Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:10 pm

Haven't updated this in a while and i've got hold of a few i've been looking for, most are rubbish as usual!!! Devil's Angels (one of the better known early ones that was made straight after Wild Angels, not bad for the genre), Hells Chosen Few (average at best but some good chops), Black Angels (real black motorcycle gang featured on some nice chops but too low budget), Devil Rider (zero budget sleep inducing), The Tormentors (cheap and nasty with minimal bikes the usual stereotypes), Cycle Psycho (same as the last one!), The Angry Breed (relatively big budget/studio effort but its terrible, bikers in suits), Sleazy Rider (you'll need a shower after this one, a guerney would be even better! Sick borderline hardcore porn roughie. Probably the most unerotic 'adult' film ever, terrible but has plenty of bike riding scenes and is so trashy it has to be seen), Nightmare County (this didn't come out til the late 70s but was obviously made much earlier in the decade, not bad hippie biker). I can get hold of most of the remaining ones but after watching so many rank rotten ones i've sort of lost interest. Seriously the biker genre has to be up there with the very worst in bad movie making!
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Re: Biker movies

Post by sks » Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:40 pm

Panhead Marty wrote:I've all these flicks, they range from the very good to the unwatchable, a lot of them are VERY hard to get hold off, have them mostly on long out of print VHS but can copy to DVD. They're listed roughly in order of release. Still collecting can't get hold of fairly well known titles like The Devil's Angels, etc. I've cut off at the mid-70s, not really interested in anything past this, the bikes ain't as cool to start with...
The Wild One (not much you can say about this one, classic, prefer Lee Marvins character)

The Wild Angels (The movie that kicked off the biker series of the late '60s early '70s, great bikes, cool music but way to many party and rumble scenes, which was the big down fall of a lot of the films that followed)

Hells Angels On Wheels (super cool chops, great riding scenes, terrible music! Mostly remembered for Jack Nicholson, features the Oakland Angels)

Born Losers (first appearance of the Billy Jack character, not bad)

Wild Rebels (ultra low budget, shocking with minimal bike scenes)

The Glory Stompers (Dennis Hoppers first bike flick, not great, suffers from WAY to many rumbles, quite hard to get hold of)

She Devils On Wheels (hilarious trash, first of the chick/bike flicks)

Hells Belles (another chick/bike flick, the poster for this is probably better known the movie, was used for the recent Grindhouse release)

The Savage 7 (minor classic of the era, great music Cream/Iron Butterfly, great cast of biker regulars and some neat machines, not easy to come by either, a favourite of mine)

The Hellcats (another chick/bike clunker)

Mini-Skirt Mob (one of the better chick ones, bikes are pretty boring though and its got one of the worst title songs ever! Hilarious!)

Run, Angel, Run (what can be said, absolute classic with the great William Smith in one of his best roles, great choppers, good music, have the ultra rare soundtrack LP for this one. Just let down by the usual cliches)

Easy Rider (say no more)

Sinner's Blood (ultra sleazy obscurity even for the genre, low low budget and not much else!)

Hells Angels '69 (another minor classic of the genre, great bikes, great riding scenes, Sonny Barger and the boys have big roles in this one)

Satan's Sadists (trash classic, scummiest bikers ever on screen!)

The Cycle Savages (minimal bikes, but good when they're on screen. Bruce Dern plays a good part here but not enough bikes)

Rebel Rousers (some pretty good choppers here, movie isn't the best though. This was dug up after Nicholson hit the big time with Easy Rider)

CC & Company (brilliant bikes and some good riding scenes which started to play a bigger part in the films afer Easy Rider)

Hells luvl'y Devils (low budget trash with to much scrapping and not enough riding, same director as Satan's Sadists. This film was cobbled together with something else to make a bike film and it shows)

The Losers (another William Smith classic, chopped dirt bikes take on the whole Vietnamese army! Dumb but fun)

Angels Die Hard (a personal favourite, serious choppers including Gary Littlejohns famous trike in loads of bike riding scenes set to a GREAT soundtrack, got the LP for this one too, cast is full of regulars, sure the movie is cheap but its way up top for the riding scenes and bikes)

Angel Unchained (not bad but pretty tame and has annoying dune buggie riding bad guys, bikes are good when featured) The Wind Splitter (Only two bikes in this obscure Texan based hippie era film, but the lead actors is a wicked long chop and has some good riding scenes)

Outlaw Riders (low budget biker heist obscurity)

The Peace Killers (bikers vs Hippies, not bad film, bikes are pretty standard)

Wild Riders (bikes disappear not long into this trashy sleaze)

The Jesus Trip (another obscure little classic, sort of a religious western/biker)

The Hard Ride (a personal favourite, heaps of riding scenes, including a seriously extended chop which is my favourite movie bike! Brilliant soundtrack LP too! Only problem here is the usual crap fight scenes)

Bury Me An Angel (this is considered one of the better ones, i'm not a huge fan, pretty boring but heaps of cool riding scenes. Same people made Angels Die Hard which is for me is the better film for bikers. Not easy to come by this one. Probably the best of the chick films)

The Pink Angels (a gay biker film! Hells Angels In Heels! Seriously, though its really only suggested and its more of a comedy, its not actually that bad, though the bikes are gay!)

Chrome And Hot Leather (Marines including Marvin Gaye! take on William Smiths gang, hes the best thing about this, though the riding scenes are ok)

Werewolves on Wheels (weird horror/biker hybrid is actually one of the better films in the genre. Realistic looking bikers, great bikes and brilliantly shot riding scenes, the werewolf makeup is funny though!)

Angels Hard As They Come (another dead set classic, great, great bikes and actually a decent film)

The Brute Corps (ultra rare and obscure, bikers on cool chops get dispatched at the start of this one, only in it maximum of five minutes!)

JC (i actually like his one, cool chops and some decent riding scenes. Pretty rare, not like the usual bike flick at all)

Angels Wild Women (more trash from the Satans Sadists/Hells luvl'y Devils crew. Last of the chick ones)

The Dirt Gang (bikers on dirt bikes, not good!)

The Loners (good little movie, with Dean Stockwell, pretty rare)

Hex (real oddity, set in early 1900's with bikers turning up at witches house)

The No Mercy Man (Also called Trained to Kill, returned Nam vet takes on Biker gang, not bad)

The Black Six (low budget biker/blaxploitation cross over, Black Angels apparently better but can't get a hold of it)

Teenager (very very rare little film about a director shooting a bike movie in a small town but having the actors play the violence for real, sort of like Dennis Hoppers The Last Movie, only two Triumphs featured though)

Hollywood Man (another personal favourite and one of William Smiths best roles, basically playing himself trying to raise money to shoot another biker flick but borrowing it from the mob and running into trouble with real life bikers. This isn't strictly a biker film, but theres enough choppers here and BRILLIANT riding scenes to put it in the top five of them all. Very hard to get hold of a collectors item and the Holy Grail for biker movie fans!)

Trip With The Teacher (trashy cult fav, schoolgirls in trouble with nasty bikers)

The Northville Cemetery Massacre (despite the title its not a horror film but a very good but really low budget cult bike film, recently given a great DVD rerelease .Worth checking out)

The Great Skycopter Rescue (very late '70s disco era action movie with some cool bikes)

I think thats all the ones i have, as i said have only gone as far as the '70s, theres loads in the '80s and '90s but some of them like Death Riders even make the worst of the '60s ones look good. I'm still after The Motorcycle Gang (1957), MotorPyscho (1965), Teenage Gang Debs (1966), Outlaw Motorcycles (1966), The Girls From Thunder Strip (1966), The Devils Angels (1967), Its A Revolution Mother (1968 documentary), Hells Chosen Few (1968), Smoke And Flesh (1968), Angels From Hell (1968), Savages From Hell (1968 aka Big Enough 'n' Old Enough), The Angry Breed (1968), Scream Free ( 1969 aka Free Grass), Naked Angels (1969), Wild Wheels (1969),Wild, Free And Hungry (1969), The Sidehackers (1969), Sisters In Leather (1969 think this may be a porno), Ride The Hot Wind (1971, very obscure this one), I Want More (1970 softcore doco), The Black Angels (1970), Devil Rider (1970), The Proud Rider (1971 very rare Canadian biker movie, love to see this one), The Tormentors (1971), The Takers (softcore trash), Sleazy Rider (1973 hardcore biker sleaze), Bad Bad Gang! (1972, another porno!), Cycle Psycho (1973 aka Savage Abduction), The Road Of Death (1974), Hot Summer In Barefoot County (1974 obscure), How Come Nobody's On Our Side? (1975, comedy i think with biker movie regulars), Death Riders (1976 documentary), Nightmare County (1977), Teenage Bikers (1977, aka Sex Bikers, hardcore with porno legends Jamie Gillis and Vanessa Del Rio on chops!). I haven't included brit bike films of the era or those from Germany and even Japan. If anyone actually has any of these i'd be amazed but if so love to hear from you..... Also Bikes turned up in heaps of '70s movies (very often choppers) like William Smiths turn in the two Any Which Way/Every Which Way Eastwood films and Gary Littlejohns bike gang in The Gumball Rally.
i have put some spaces in this post to help find the films.

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Post by Prof » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:21 am

BZ got his wish at willunga... surrounded by green hills, nice camp fire and an out door projection onto the Lodge wall... How many movies did you guys watch?

Re Hard Ride, "baby" the knuckle was featured in a chopper mag at the time and in colour... Lot of Gold on it from memory. I have the mag somewhere in my pile. The Chief enemy's trumpy was featured also. It had massive rake and extension that doesn't really show up in the movie.

the making of Angels Die Hard was also featured in a Street Chopper mag which I have.

I agreee with Panhead Marty on the better movies... though a number you mention I have not seen. I have sent my copies to BZ to do reviews on for the website. If you are interested to help out Marty pm me as BZ has not been able to get many done as yet.
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biker movies

Post by Panhead Marty » Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:04 am

thats a great idea regarding the reviews Andrew, be glad to help out. I haven't come across a more complete list than that one i've compiled and i'm sure i'm probably missing more. Didn't include the likes of Stone or Psychomania but i'm working on a world wide bikerography, belief it or not some of the best ones came out of Japan. I'd be keen on seeing those articles you mentioned, the bikes featured in both those movies are incredible, 'baby' is something else. Do you know off hand what issue numbers they are? I've heap of Street Chopper and Chopper mags but i'm going to try tracking those down
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Post by Prof » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:48 am

I'll check mags out over the next week. My mags keep getting out of order, but that's reading them is what it is all about!

CRAZY HORSE also has quite a collection of movies. His list is somewhere in these forums
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Post by psychomatt » Tue May 04, 2010 4:42 pm

this bike was in a movie review in the chops n bobbers mag a while ago, i forget the movie and the author of the article but its still around!
i found this picturImagee enjoy

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Post by Prof » Tue May 04, 2010 6:07 pm

That is a similar style copied from 'Baby' in The Hard Ride.

Baby was a knuckle, much lower and brown I think.
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Post by tigerbob » Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:57 pm

This thread seems to have died but I would be keen for a 'ride-up' screening of a classic bike film.

One thought I had was that the Film & Sound Archive in the ACT shows old (and new) films on a Staurday arvo & night as well as once or twice during the week. They show films of all genres & ages and are cheaper than the regular cinemas. They often get new or rare prints of old movies.

Winter would not be a good time obviously but the local veteran, vintage & classic motorcycle club usually hold their annual rally in Feburary so the 2 events could coincide to make the ride there a little more worthwhile. Even if it meant a car trip, at least you could check out a heap of cool bikes (for free) and see a classic movie.

Not sure if they do 'requests' but it could be worth a shot...
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Post by Prof » Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:27 pm

I have some of these movies on vhs and DVD and we periodically get together down here and watch a couple using our projector on a double sheet in the lounge. Each muster we put on a couple of outdoor movies at Prof's Lodge.
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Post by ol_750 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:20 pm

tigerbob wrote:This thread seems to have died but I would be keen for a 'ride-up' screening of a classic bike film.
That sounds like a great idea , maybe at a Drive In.
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