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Post by BobbaZooki » Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:03 pm

There's this great documentary doing the cinema round's at the moment, it's called
"Gonzo" The Life and work of Hunter S Thompson (Hells Angels, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) he was a writer , who got his start writing a book about the exploding motorcycle outlaw sub-culture in the early 60's ......
Well in the doco they have all this early archival news footage, plus heap's of still photo's from his own personal collection of the club , when he hung around the Hells Angels to gather material for his book, there are heaps of early 60's chopper's , both in film and photo's, there are two stand out scenes , the 1st is of a news reporter , dressed in a suit & tie and a "Arther Daley" hat , sitting on the tailgate of a pick-up truck , trying to do his "reporting" , in the background, not even a car length away , is about a dozen chopper's , just roaring over his voice , in the end the reporter is frustrated with his own newscast , that he end's with the word .. sh!t ... very funny scene and 100% actual news footage ....... the 2nd best bit , and once again this is actual news footage ..... involves Hells Angel member Skip Workman riding his chopper into the TV studio and doing donuts around Hunter and the TV host as they sat in their chair's , with coffee table etc , the studio audience where feet away , sucking up the exhaust fume's and blocking their ear's ..... the reason being for the "debate" was to confront Hunter about a certain truth in his tell-all book .... the body langage say's it all , great scene.... also there is plenty of chopper riding footage ,both colour and B/W ... Hunter's BSA Lighting , interview 's with Sonny Barger , both then and present . all this is about 40min's, at the start of a 2hr and abit film , the rest of the doco is just as fascinating , even 'er indoors enjoyed it .... why , coz Johnny Depp is in it , as the narrator .

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