BearCX 500 Chopper build-up.

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Re: BearCX 500 Chopper build-up.

Post by Bearcx » Sat May 03, 2014 10:04 am

I'm back.!!!

After a few hiccups, I've spent some time on the now rusty, CX500. Spent a couple of days down at TCS, getting the tank sorted.
Originally, the tank was off a GN250, it was a bit small (capacity wise) but I loved the side view, when I put it on the frame.
After a bit of head scratching, I decided to widen the tank for better mileage, but leave the back of the tank, (in front of the seat,)
standard. Also, cut out the filler cap and bought a cap and filler neck off Prof and mounted it up nice and high, for maximum fill.

So with the widened tank finished, we tried to mount it on the frame, but, the handle bars (actually the triple clamp) were touching
on full lock. Bugga ! Messed up my measurements somewhere.

Prof lent me some 6" risers, and pull back bars, and a new plan is needed. I still prefer the Western bars, but the pull back work,
anyhow.....machined up 2 little threaded bosses on the lathe, and Prof and Jake, welded them into the frame, after I had drilled the
holes in the backbone. The bosses are "top hat" shaped, about an 25 mm long, drilled and tapped M8x1.25. Also, couterbored the first
5 - 10 mm to help the bolt to line up. Cut up some 40 x 3mm flat bar, and beat the crap out of it on the anvil, until a radius magically
appeared. Then Prof braze welded 2 of these to the tank. It will require a couple of spacer washers, and some rubber mounted under
the tank, but, will look cool, get good range, and be hand built. What else could a chopper rider want.???

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Re: BearCX 500 Chopper build-up.

Post by rascal » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:02 pm to see how it looks .

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