1975 Triumph t150 Chopper

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Re: 1975 Triumph t150 Chopper

Post by TriNortchopz » Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:39 pm

I found this article of info which includes part #s, but no dimensions:

Yokes, Bearings and Conversions
"Recently I have had a number of enquiries regarding the correct arrangement of parts in the steering head area of various Trident and Rocket 3 models, and the correct way of converting earlier drum brake models, of both variants, to Disc brake. ...The frame headstock lug used in all T150 Trident models was the same general forging as that used in the 1963-1970 6T/TR6/T120 Triumph twin models, the later Daytona models, and generally dimensionally the same as BSA Rocket 3, and therefore the headrace cops and cones were also (nearly) identical. However, the fork yokes used for the 1971/72 Triple drum brake and 1973/75 Triple disc brake models used a smaller diameter stem than the 1969/70 Triple models, or the other earlier twins and another piece, part number 97-4145 was fitted into the arrangement to adapt the smaller stem to the existing top cone...."

then I found actual replacement neck bearing for T150/T160,
which has an OD of 45.31mm (which equals 1.78386"), with a 19.1mm ID, (which is 0.75197")
http://www.classicmotorcyclespares.com/ ... ks_&_Parts

So you could sleeve the OD of a 1.750 bearing race to fit the 1.7839" bore of your frame neck, and find a bearing with a 3/4", 7/8" or 1" id to machine a neck to fit the bearings.
Other options are surely available, such as bearings that fit japanese bikes; take a look at some smaller than 45.31mm here:
Japanese Bike Steering Stem Bearing Sizes

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