Defected ute...

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Defected ute...

Post by Prof » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:43 pm

Young 17 year old lad who works for me has been building an HQ ute over the last year... cut out all the rust, and resprayed it, new wheels,new grill, bumper etc rewired it and put in a four speed box and so on... worked late into the nights and on weekends with very little help from anyone learning as he went.

Just got it finished a week or so ago and then the new starter motor went bust so had to buy another one while the new one is sent back to manufacturer... short of cash so when the brake power assist started leaking, took it out so he could get to and from work until this week he'd have had the money for a new one...

This morning a cop pulls him over 500m from work and defects him for power assist missing. Won't give him any leeway. Makes him walk the 500m... too damn lazy/useless to drive behind him so he could get to work on time and not leave the car on the roadside.

Now he has a $400 fine, can't drive the car and has to take it over the pits.

This lad could have spent the last year, drugging and louting around and causing trouble or just been useless... instead he works his backside off doihng something constructive and no doubt because has has a P plate gets pulled over and hit with total injustice.

... and the pigs wonder why they are hated... gets my goat, makes my blood boil, give me the @#$% and so on!~!!!.

Granted, no power assist made braking hard, (and I advised him against it and offered to pay for one for him until he had the money), but still totally annoyed for his sake, If the cop's focus wasn't on making a bust, he would have seen straight away that the lad wasn't a lout and at least accompanied him and perhaps even spoken with me about a solution.
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Re: Defected ute...

Post by Neo Dutch » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:28 am

1. The constable doesn't know your kid. I'm sure he's an angel just like every other parent's child.
2. Once it's defected, it's defected. He can't escort your child to work, even if it wasn't far.
3. The car is supposed to have power assist on the brakes and didn't.
4. All P platers are targetted. Fact of life. He's better get used to it.
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