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Post by neale » Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:37 pm

Ok, things may be slow enough for a boring topic like this to get some movement ;^)

One thing that I find sorta interesting is where people got started in bikes, possibly 'çause my own start was so mundane.

As far as I know, my father never had anything to do with bikes, what got me interested initially was my idiot older brother (he thought he was a badass but everyone else just thought he was a dikhead), who of course had to have cars and bikes as that's what you do when you're tuff (sad thing is that he was actually quite a good mechanic and would do a great job of building the cars and bikes, but he was such a bad driver/rider that he'd stack them as soon as he got them on the road). Anyway, I initially learned on a postie bike (which I'm coming to believe is the most common bike in the world to learn on, as it keeps popping up in people's stories), then as soon as I started work and had money I bought myself a DT125 to get on the road, flogged and stacked that for a few years, moved up to a CX500 (sad, I know, but it was good for me at the time), and proceeded to do the same with that until I had to sell it as I couldn't afford to keep more than one machine on the road at a time and needed a car for work.

Anyway, I'm sure just about everyone else has more interesting stories than that?

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Re: Start

Post by nozila » Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:15 pm

Mine is quite simple. Long long ago, during school holidays, I would make some extra cash as a fruit picker. As soon as I saved enough money, I would take a holiday overseas - mainly Asia back then. In those countries, the most common and convenient form of transport were 2 wheels. I would ride around on my grandpa's scooter - yes, I started on a scooter. Fell in love with the freedom, lightness and agility of them. Plus I liked the thrill of going 50km/h and I thought I was going heaps fast - traffic was stupidly congested in such a population so anytime you could open the throttle felt fast.

Came back to Australia after two or three times in various Asian countries and decided I wanted a bike and relive the same memories. Turns out that reliving the experience is totally different here then it is over there. 50km/h feels slow, lots of cars to be aware of, less bikes etc etc

Any who, once I got my L's I started with sporty - CBR250RR. Then went straight to a R1 once unrestricted. Found that it was cheaper to go fast on two wheels rather then four, so stopped putting money into my car and got more bikes - got a bit out of hand. Still have the 250 and the R1 but have also got hold of two XS's as I wanted some cruiser.

My brother says to me why you want so many bikes as I said to him I was thinking of adding a 5th bike - another xs650. My reply was simply you guys (two of them have bike licenses) could ride them too.

One is never enough. Sigh.

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Re: Start

Post by Prof » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:00 pm

Dad rode bikes daily from young. I grew up transported with mum in sidecars and on pillion (my own little backrest, armrests and seatbelt). Dad had all road bikes from 250 Jawas to Vincents and Ariel square fours, so it was natural for me to start riding at about 14 (I could hold up a road bike by then as all the bikes were pretty tall in those days). Dad and I fixed up various small capacity bikes of his and I finally graduated to a 1952 AJS twin 500 that kept blowing up generators, and then an MSS Velocette (beautiful bike, I set up as a cafe with clip ons and got smashed up on. I also put a sissy bar and english saddle on the WLA and rode it for a while until dad insisted on putting the sidecar back on it!

Then to a 1962 ex police BMW... beautiful bike on which I put Z bars, twin rect headlights and a king/queen seat (all built myself). A 350 aermacchi fully chopped served me through teachers college while I very thoroughly chopped a 1200 U model HD.

I spent most of my riding life after that on a chopped CB500 (though not much opportunity to ride it for a long time after the first 5 years due to a crazy work schedule). Rode a customised Iron Head sporty of Dad's for a couple of years til it did a big end bearing, then back onto the CB500 until I talked dad out of the shovel around 2003 I think and chopped it. Guess I've always preferred to be pretty much a one bike guy. Having The Chopper Shed has let me ride many bikes without having to own them! I'll ride the shovel til I can't hold it up anymore and then go to a chopped (much lighter) CB750 to finish off my riding days.

Well that's me in a nutshell! Who else has some stories?
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Re: Start

Post by Bearcx » Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:03 pm

neale wrote: moved up to a CX500 (sad, I know, but it was good for me at the time),Neale

Not sad, at all. Still got one ! ! ! :D
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Re: Start

Post by Youngblood » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:34 pm

I have been around bikes my whole life, my old man has been riding bikes since he was 16 and now he is 70 and still riding. For a while there he was a typical bikie, he has owned and ridden just about every style of bike there is, so naturally it rubbed off on me. As a young boy I built a Chopper pushbike and dressed like a bikie, by the time I was 12 I rode my first motorbike. When I was 18 I bought my first bike, a Road- trail 250 KLX Kawasaki which I took out to Port Gawler as often as I could. By this time I was also into hotting up cars, I ended up selling my bike and for the next 20 years I spend every spare cent I could afford on cars. I have always liked Choppers but I never wanted to own one since I was a bit of a rev head. My dream bike was a Kawasaki 900 (in the 80's) but could never afford one. So I just kept dreaming then came the whole marriage thing, buying a house and having a son. So in other words no money for a bike but I really missed riding bikes. About 5 years ago it was finally time to get a bike, I had limited funds and I started looking in the paper. Then my old man made me an offer I could not refuse and now I’m the proud owner of his old bike a 1997 1400 Suzuki Intruder and I think its one of the nicest stock (Cruiser) bikes going around. I have since painted it and made some small changes. Last year I managed to buy myself a Harley which I have already painted and put on some ape hangers. So now I have two bikes and loving every second of it except when its bucketing on me as I ride my bike every day. And now I'm dreaming about my new dream bike. That's my story. :) :) :)

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Re: Start

Post by xsive » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:22 pm

ok i will tell ya little my old man had a sunbeam with a side car but i think this was his only bike so i didnt get it from him as such as my uncle and older cousin ,uncle had joined up with the gladiators MC at the age of 16 and owned a wla at the time i was 6 and spent weekends at grandmahs house where the glads would go on saturday mornings to meet up and talk about who they punched on with the night before in pops shed .my cousin and uncle both on the speedway at the time peter on sliders and uncle cliff putting TQ's round the tracks i had my first bike by the time i was 9 .a 125 ridgid bantam then the procession of bikes followed .see if i can remember them all 125 plunger bantam 150 swingarm bantam ,175 super bantam ,bsa c15,honda 90 sport,kawasaki 120, maico 250, 175 bultaco lobbito,shares in a norton short cicuit outfit, BSA 441 victor, yamaha 360 ,a 305 honda dream some where in between , rd250 with clipons and fairing, then came the first custom /chop. a suzuki T500 titan long forks lightened off sissy bar chrome chambers ,modified bantam tank ,metalic blue and lots of chrome twin rectangular head lamps and z bars that i used to ride to the post office wher i would then get on the postie bike and deliver telegrams all day .then came the first 650 yamaha,modified as you did back then ,then came children :twisted: slowed me down for a while except for the custom suzuki gt750 water bottle, another child :shock: and a settling in period working shift work and using a Cb250 for transport to and from,65 miles per gallon ,at this time i was involved in custom cars and hotrod building with the coalfeild street rodders for many years and settled for riding competition trials bikes twin shock TY175 ,TY250 a,TY250 B ,i still have these 3 bikes stashed , then came an RZ350, a gsxr750 susuki , first of the fz750 yamaha 1985,and sold in 1991,then just TY's again while i conntrated on cars as well xy falcon gs fairmont v8, then a tilt front fj ute , a registered manx beach buggy,and an Xy 351 gt falcon that some one liked more than i did :evil: only they got it for free.i then built a sd455cu inch pontiac transam and kept this one for 13 years as my toy ,i then decided it was time to get back into road bikes and the list is as follows these all still in my possesion , the 3 TY's, a pristene 1978 yamaha special 30,000ks , xs650 bobber , a TX650, 2 more xs specials,2xs the orange chop , cr250 honda ,2004 750 honda shadow+ a spare shadow,1972 iron head sportster in bits , 1986 1100 evo sportster,and now a 750 honda rigid chopper,most of another honda four,and an xs 650 special with side car that now belongs to nigel 78 gold, also about here is a 250 chinese quad and a few small quads for my girls and the second 250 virago in parts left over from my wifes bike built and sold when she changed her mind about her own bike . so i can tell you when it started but where do we go from here ? only time will tell 47 years on bikes and still counting CHEERS :wink:

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Re: Start

Post by Pygmy » Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:20 pm

I wont give you a long story, bikes should explain it all. cheers. yamahas-- 175,250,465 ) Honda-360 )suzi --rm125)suzi --500, 1100 ) yam--1100) 2 + triumphs 650) 1-bsa
1--Honda Valkyrie) 1--750 chopper Honda) 2--650 yamahas) 2--1925 Harleys, 1--sporty evo 1--1978 fxe, 1--1980 Sturgis 1--heritage softtail 1--fxrp 1--fxrsp 1--fxdyna
and last but not least the beast suzi 1170 sand drag bike. there is probably another 2 or three bikes but cant remember. and remember is not how many you got its weather you ride them or not. good on you neale for posting this topic ,the chopper site has been a bit dead lately. cheers pygmy.
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Re: Start

Post by nozila » Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:30 pm

And here I thought having 4 bikes and considering a 5th was many.

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Re: Start

Post by tigerbob » Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:04 pm

Wow, my list is going to be rather short compared to most...

First bike (1985) was a GTV500 Ducati (parrallel twin).
Next (18 years later) came a 1976 XL 125E that I got off a farm but had to sell to finance a move (plus I had nowhere to keep it when I moved).
2007 came the '71 Bonny with the T140V
2010: '73 TR6RV, '81 900SS Ducati, '94 FXDS

Cars are a different story though- I'd had over 30 cars by the time I turned 23...
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Re: Start

Post by Bacca » Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:39 am

Got to ride a couple friends farm bikes then we got a ST 70 Honda as a farm bike when I was about 13 :D
Wanted to get a Duc 400 single when I was 17 but as I was getting a loan from dad I was kinda forced to get a trailbike instead (help on farm)
About a year later this was traded for a '48 Ariel 500 twin with another aprentice at trade school.
Did intend to chop the Ariel but blew it up after it lost oil preshure (bodgy restore job)
No internet to find parts so after getting my new '80 650 Yam I sold the Ariel
Always wanted another 650 Yam till I got my Trumpy :D
Were a few other bikes along the way including the 440 twin Kawa I chopped

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Re: Start

Post by Triker_chewie » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:52 pm

old man was into furniture. gave up his bike before he was married. ive never seen him ride and hes only owned late model cars as long as i remember
tought myself to weld (youtube) read as much as i could of hot rod and choppers and trikes,
tinkering with things and opening my eyes to creative process has alowed me to self start.
only now ive got a few mates who rod,

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