Special tools... extending your drill tap...

Made up a special tool? Need advice on what tool? This is the forum for it...
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Special tools... extending your drill tap...

Post by Prof » Fri Jul 06, 2007 11:42 pm

There are times when your drill tap and holder are too short... or it is time consuming to pull something (or lots) off your bike to rethread or recoil a damaged thread...

Make a long tap holding tool... 1. Use a piece of shaft, or with smaller taps use a piece of tubing. 2. Find a piece of heavy walled tube to fit the tap and then hammer it flat it into the flats on the tap. The tap can be inserted or removed at will, but will be held firmly by the square shape formed by the hammering. Weld tube to shaft. On smaller tap handles you can weld a cross piece for a handle on the other end.


In this example I was having to put in a 5/8 helicoil into my swing arm mount. I used the original stripped shaft so thread would be perfectly aligned.
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