06. Build #1 Rear End... Mufflers...

Don't ever say you can't afford to build a chopper!!! This thread will prove you wrong
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Post by Big D » Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:04 am

Screen fades to black.
Shot fades into focus, a hospital hall, camera pans left,
sign on wall saying " Rehabilitation Ward "
Nurse comes into shot, camera tilts down, shot of young chopper jockey in a wheelchair being pushed by nurse down the hall to the rehab ward.
fades to black.
fades into a montage of clips/snippets showing young chopper jockey
learning to walk again.... face shows stubble and hair, progressively getting longer with each shot to simulate long time passing..
fades to black.
shot fades into car door opening and young chopper jockey getting out of car..... looking off over camera into the distance..
camera pans right to show shed with old rusty, neglected Suzuki leaning against the wall of the shed....
shot of young chopper jockey hobbling towards his deteriorating cycle.
shot skips to face of young chopper jockey , sad , longing and forlorn....
rusty old handlebars in forshot , out of focus, focus in , focus out, young chopper jockey gets an obvious look of enlightenment on his now aged face, beard and hair looking exceptionally long....
fade to black..
young chopper jockey sitting in a local bar talking to a couple of shady looking characters, camera walks past the group of men talking and sound fades in to hear young chopper jockey saying " i can move at least a 'Kay' a week" ....conversation fades out...long shot of young chopper jocky shaking hands with said "characters" and leaves the bar.. screen fades out of focus.
shot fades into a dark and dank loooking building, music playing
( soundtrack ) , montage of shots showiing young chopper jockey handing over bundle of cash, and a devious looking older guy handing over a small brown package, montage continues, shots of hand to hand pass overs, pale faced worn out drug addicts coming and going , more hand offs - close up shots -
montage continues - showing old Suzuki with new and better parts , improving over time , more cash shots , shot of young chopper jocky looking and smiling at his shining Suzuki ...
fades to black..
fades into sounds and visions of loud arguements over money and delivery times etc ....... shot zooms into face of very scared looking young chopper jockey....sound of loud gunshot rings out.....
young chopper jockeys eyes roll back and his eyes close slowly as he falls out of shot.....
tasteful shot of young chopper jockey lying on the ground dieing , sad music plays in the background , mans voice ( sound-over narrative style )
says , "and this is the story of how the young chopper jockey never ended up finishing his Suzuki chop project"
fades to black.....
roll credits - THE END

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Post by Prof » Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:12 am

Hope the ending won't be quite so bad, but your scenario is pretty good... maybe his dad will find it in the corner of his shed after he is gone and it will get resurrected... which it will.

Actually its under a cover with some other projects waiting for some time to appear.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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