005 Brackets etc...

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005 Brackets etc...

Post by Prof » Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:16 pm

NB this series of posts will be developed over time, but here is a start...

There are brackets and there are brackets.

At the chopper shed every part of your chopper is art as well as function; no odd angles, rough edges and bad uncomfortable shapes. Everything has to be easy on the eye and flow. Your eye should naturally move from one part of your machine to the other all should blend together as a whole.

Your chopper should look "together" from a distance and from every angle, yet as you look across the creation, your eye should be 'taken' by each of the many parts that make up your bike with out any of them (though there are some exceptions) overshadowing the rest.

Here are a few brackets to encourage you to go beyond the functional...

Stainless exhaust brackets...


One of the biggest bugbears with machinery is during servicing, assembly or disassembly. Often it seems that you need both hands, your tongue and a toe to hold and attach a part. Answer, when you make brackets or attach any item, do your best to have a captive thread... that leaves one hand to hld and one to turn the wrench. Some cool pics coming...

Too often, brackets are made from material that is too thin for the job. Don't make that mistake, a bracket that is too strong is better than one that cracks and leaves an item dangling 100 miles from anywhere Also, it is important when welding brackets to be sure the weld area is sufficient so that over time you don't end up with the item cracking around the bracket.

Here are a couple of stainless threaded brackets, ready to weld to a stainless oil tank. they are positioned to be unobtrusive, strong and with plenty of weld surface. It will be welded across each end as well as across the centre. Once welded and polished, what can be seen of them will look classy, but be super strong.

Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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