Twin Cam needs new frame

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Twin Cam needs new frame

Post by Prof » Tue May 14, 2019 9:35 am

Garry dropped in his twin cam recently purchased from NSW (writeoff). NSW does not alow repairable writeoffs, so although this only has bent forks and and broken indicators, it has to have a new non Harley frame. Ridiculous, but due to bike laws being tied in with car rules and done to reduce rebirthing...

I have learnt a bit about modern HD's so far in this exercise. Garry 's FXR is a twin cam A motor which is rubber mounted. Twin Cam B's were introduced with twin balance shafts a couple of years later and were solid mounted in response to buyer feedback. Plenty of custom frames exist for the B motors, but we have so far found only the Rolling Thunder frame below that does a rubber mount twin cam frame...

If the motor was a solid mount B, we could use a soft tail design, but that is ruled out because the rear of the motor has to be attached to a flexible rear swing arm.

I spent some time talking to a Harley shop and chasing info on the net and all advise against solid mounting the A motor; apparently frame cracking issues.

We have another alternative and that is building a new frame in house. I'm just waiting on my engineer to get back to me on a question about this approach, and we can get on with the project.

Garry wants the bike to be fairly standard but with a springer. We'll use a Meatballs springer and add some rake to retain stock trail, plus add another inch or so for better highway handling... Garry lives out in the sticks.

More soon as I know something...
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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