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All Posts relevant to the Mega Ride in here please!!
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Post by sks » Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:02 pm

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Post by Prof » Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:29 pm

I'm sure there are a few SA guys who could act as SA Mega Ride Coordinator.

So far the following has been planned...
1. myself and at least on other member will ride to Ceduna to meet thespis. .
2. We'll them come back via Willunga and with any other south Aussies come down to meet you guys at your near border overnight stop.
3. all and sundry can stay on our 5 acres in a big lined shed. I'll have the paddock nicely mowed so we can have a bit of a gymkhana
4. I'd like to take everyone on a ride down along (on) the beach six miles away.
5. I figure we'll have a barby and BIG bonfire (4 years of cuttings) one day while you are here
6. could also be good to have a gathering on the North side of Adelaide at someone's place
7. My workshop will be available for modifications, service and repairs... and there'll be plenty of experts to help out
8. Mega Ride Muster is on the 27th I think, just before you guys would need to push off home. We need to organise someone to cook and provide food at Muster.
9. I reckon an SA coodinator (and his delegates) would need to do the following...
a. Contact members to find out who in SA is coming to our events and who is riding to meet visitors... and coordinate that...
b. help organise any other activities in SA,
c. organise and run the gymkhana,
d. organise catering at the Muster
e. Be a general contact person for the whole event.

The way things have happened in the past, I am sure a number of SA folks will step forward and do various bits... just be good to have someone with the organisational skills and the time and inclination for this event.
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Post by Tbear » Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:43 pm

I have put my hand up if you want me to do it prof if you dont then just let me know ok
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Post by bendnstretch » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:57 pm

Good on ya Tbear.
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Post by XSChop » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:41 pm

I suppose this is directed to Chopperal as he is apparently the NSW ride co-ordinator.

With a greater population in NSW and presumably more choppers
IMHO we can't let SA or even QLD get away with turning up with More bikes/riders than us !

We gotta do something to make contact with all the NSW Chopper riders out there and let them know what a great organization we have here !

But how ??
Suggestions ?
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Post by bendnstretch » Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:54 am

You could try ringing them all XS Chop.

What might be good is when we stop for the night maybe those that aren't joining us on the ride can come and party with us just for the night.

That way we get to catch up with other forum users and have a good night with all.
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NSW Members

Post by 78gold » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:32 am

Based on population you would think that there would be more of us here (Sydney) and we do get the occassional Sydney bike show up for sale so they are there but actual numbers is a question.

As the big ride is going to bypass Sydney not sure how we would organise a catch up but it does make sense if able.

Phil, when I get jinx back on the road I will organise a trip up to say Gday and hopefully get a couple of others to come as well. Maybe if we get a couple of rides going we can get a bit of interest when people see the bikes and know we are active with rides etc.

After that we could arrange "Mudgee" trip or whatever and see if we can get a couple of more people to turn up.
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Post by Prof » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:02 pm

re NSW coordinator and runs...
State coordinators' main jobs are...
1. to be a pickup point for state merchandise, particularly banners and handout literature for CA stalls
2. Keep regular phone contact with members and especially to make new members feel welcome
3. help members arrange runs and activities and notify me so I can put them up on the website.

State Coordinator is also an annual position, and any who offer are always reminded they are under no obligation to continue if they don't feel comfortable to continue or their circumstances change.

State Coordinator, as with any role in CA is a service role not a power one... we have all had enough politics and power play in other situations to not want any here!

As it becomes practical, each state will ideally have a monthly scheduled run. This however needs an enthusiastic core of members and someone with the time and organisational skills to make it work.

Realistically it is not always easy to scoot across our capital cities to meet other guys... that is a run in itself.

At this stage we don't yet appear have any members in any of the states who have the time to properly fill the coordinators role... and I for one am not going to put any member under any feeling of obligation to do this job... it has to come form the member.

the guys currently listed in each state have generously offered to take on a coordinator role, so I have a place to send CA banners etc. A couple have made a real effort to contact members and I appreciate this... Al has been foremost amongst those and has also volunteered considerable extra financial support when we most needed it.

I need to change our Just Bikes ad and would like to include state coordinators, but at this stage I am aware that current guys are too busy to do it properly so will leave them off at the moment as nice as it would be to see a state list up there.

As we grow, there will be people who can take on the coordinator role with great effect and I look forward to that happening.

The way we got CA going in SA was for myself to announce I would have a stall at different bike and car events and swap meets. I would then call a few members to see who could bring their choppers along for the display as well. Different ones at different times responded and combined with the ads in Just Bikes we have been able to contact new members and gradually grow.

Our SA run attendance has varied from ten bikes or so to none and Rilda and i have enjoyed a nice days ride anyway. Often we have just gone with one other member, but every time it has been enjoyable.

Members are encouraged to arrange runs and let the rest of us know so we can join in. Often in SA, a few guys get together on th spur of the moment and go for a ride... and that is what CA is really about... blokes with a common interest being able to find out about each other and get together.

So guys, if you want to get together with a buch of other choppers in your state, it takes someone to with time and commitment to decide to regularly "show the flag" plus a couple of others who cn regularly join in.

My red shovel (usually pretty dirty) has been getting pretty well known at events around SA, and people probably often think CA is a one man band but what the heck, it is an effective way to get attention... and there's often one or two other members on their choppers there as well.

Main run for SA is the Choppers Australia Muster each January. That is the one time I DO put some pressure on our guys to get on their bikes and all get together!

Re Mega Ride coordinator... this is a temporary role and does not need to be one person only. Anyone who can help out is contributing to something that is quite unique in Australia (well I think it is) and will foster the chopper movement and help others have a memorable life experience (of that I AM sure)...

Hope this helps clarify the issue a bit...
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Post by bendnstretch » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:41 pm

Thanks Andrew :)
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