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Post by Prof » Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:43 am

This was supposed to go up and I forgot....

Shirt Price List...
Merchandise is listed in order by its catalogue number...

T shirts...
SS01A, SS01K $31.00
TS01 to TS08 $27.00
TS09 $22.00
TS10 to TS17 $27.00
TS18 to TS19K $26.00
TS21 to TS23 $29.00
TS23K to TS26 $26.00
TS31 to TS33 $36.00
TS34 to TS36 $41.00

Polo shirts...
PS05 to PS09 $33.00
PS11, PS11K $31.00
PS17 to PS24 $33.00
PS25, PS26 $35.00
PS27 $32.00
PS28, PS29 $35.00
PS29Q, PS29L $38.00
PS29K to PS34 $35.00
PS35 $38.00
PS38 to PS40 $35.00
PS41 $31.00
PS45 to PS58 $35.00
PS59, PS60 $44.00
PS68 $35.00

Business shirts...
BS01L to BS01S $35.00
BS02 to BS12 $42.00
BS17 to BS19 $48.00

Outer wear...
FL01, FL02 $40.00
FL03, FL04, Fl07 $42.00
JK06, JK07 $73.00
JK23, JK24 $87.00
JK25, JK26 $70.00
JK28 $77.00
JK29, JK30 $56.00

Mega Ride 2009 Shirts...
Who may purchase...
Shirts/outer wear may be purchased by those who participate in the Mega Ride 2009. This includes those interstate and the SA folks who participate in the Willunga events. You can order a variety of shirt styles T shirts, polos, business, hooded fleecy shirts, vests, etc.
The Shirt Price List on the right lists the shirts you can order...
See price list on right. For convenience we have combined shirts into price groupings. As a result, CA mark-up varies between $0 and $5.00 per shirt...
To choose your shirt style...
1. visit
2. request a B/W copy of their brochure from Choppers Australia,
To order Shirts...
1. note the catalogue number, size and the colour of the shirts you choose,
2. send these details through to Choppers Australia by post or email.
Mega Ride 2009 Badges...
Who may purchase...
Enamel Badges are available to those who ride from Qld, NSW or Vic to Willunga and the SA riders who ride down to Pt McDonnell to meet them.
Badges cost $10 ea. You may purchase more than one badge...
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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