GIO CTP Green slip "No Pillion" NSW

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GIO CTP Green slip "No Pillion" NSW

Post by ol_750 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:03 pm

In respone to MCC of NSW enquiry as to why GIO CTP insurance renewals are comming out with a "No Pillion" on the forms.

Our Ref: 10/830
29 June 2012
Mr Christopher Burns
Motorcycle Council NSW
Dear Mr Burns
GIO Pricing for CTP Insurance for Motorcycles
Motor Accidents Authority
Level 25. 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
DX 1517 Sydney
7 02 8267 1900 F 1300 137 707
Toll free : 1 300 1 37 131
www.maa .
I refer to your enquiries about GIO's CTP rating of motorcycles, particularly their question relating to
pillion passengers.
I have discussed this matterwith GIO who have provided additional information on the background to
the question as well as a remedy to reduce confusion with policy holders.
By way of explanation, GIO continually review their premium rating structure in order to more
accurately assess risk before calculating the premium for each vehicle class. The GIO Motorcycle CTP
rating structure is designed in this way. GIO consider, however, that they can improve their rating
structure for motorcycles by factoring in the carrying of pillion passengers. As a result, GIO wishes to
gather data from their motorcycle policy holders for future analysis. At this time, the answer to the
question does not affect the CTP premium price in any way.
From 1 January 2012, GIO introduced a question to new (or potentially new) motorcycle policy holders
- "will the motorcycle carry a pillion passenger?" GIO did not have this information for existing policy
holders so chose a default answer of "No" on renewal notices. The owner is then asked to advise any
changes to the information that is included on their renewal notice.
Importantly, the question is about the carrying of pillion passengers , not about the motorcycle's
capacity to carry a pillion.
As a result of your representations advising the confusion being created for motorcyclists, GIO is
undertaking the following actions:
• Additional information and training to customer enquiry staff about the gathering of this data on
pillion passengers so that they are better equipped to answer queries from motorcyclists;
Modifying the letter sent with Renewal Notices to explain more about what is being asked of the
motorcycle owner. This will read as follows: `A new factor has been introduced to identify if the
Motorcycle usually carries a pillion passenger. As we did not have this information for existing
policy holders a default value of "No" has been applied and appears on your Green Slip. If this
is not correct, please contact us to update your policy. At this stage there is no impact on your premium. Note: If you indicate "no" but unexpectedly carry a pillion passenger, you will still be
covered by your CTP Green Slip".
I trust this will clarify the issue for you and you will be in a position to advise your members of GIO's
intention and how they should respond in relation of the renewal notices.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Yours sincerely

Mary Hawkins
A/Deputy General Manager
Motor Accident Authority
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Re: GIO CTP Green slip "No Pillion" NSW

Post by neale » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:10 pm

Soon to be followed by "you stated that you don't carry a pillion, as you made a fraudulent statement your cover is voided"?

If it's purely information gathering it should NOT be recorded on the policy!

I smell something bad coming.
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Re: GIO CTP Green slip "No Pillion" NSW

Post by Tex » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:20 am

In Queensland there are 2 types of Registration available.

1. A "Full" registration for bikes equipped to carry a pillion passenger
2. A "Solo' Registration for bikes which have no pillion passenger capability.

The CTP component of each Registration is....... "Full"- $263.00 "Solo" - $78.20
Total Registration Costs ..... "Full" - $409.30 "Solo" - $224.50

The "Solo" bike must not have a pillion seat & the pillion pegs mounting holes/tabs must be removed or rendered inoperative. The bike must be inspected & "certified" as being for solo use only.

The CTP savings are therefore made by the fact that, in case of an accident, there is no claim from an injured pillion passenger. The CTP does not cover the driver/operator (except in extreme circumstances).

The NSW proposed model seems like a weak, flawed attempt to try to avoid pillion passenger claims without reducing the premium!

The question should ask "Is the motorcycle equipped to carry a pillion passenger?"
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Re: GIO CTP Green slip "No Pillion" NSW

Post by 78gold » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:11 pm

+1 Tex,
If the bike is set up to take a pillion then it should be registered and insured as such.

Call me Ishmail but I think that it may just be a way for GIO to knock back claims. I just recieved my policy document for renewal and it states no pillion on the policy.

I have never told anyone I am not carrying a pillion, I dont as a rule but do on occassion, havn't had a chance to chase em up about it yet as I only got the policy today.

Will let yo know what they say.

Ride Safe All.
78 Gold

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