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Regulations in each state are based on ADR's but states differ in application and interpretation. (Previous Chopper chat articles have been shifted to this new section). Ask your questions here...
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Sorry, apparently search challenged at the moment

Post by neale » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:38 pm

Could anyone give me a pointer to where to find the RTA/engineering requirements for an engine change are, please?

The links that were supplied when I was looking for those mags (thanks) led me to look more into the bikes that they put out. While they ain't exactly what I like (and look wrong to me with those tiny engines in their big frames), they're pretty damn interesting for relatively cheap mass produced bikes, especially the Spyder, with about 42 degrees of rake on the stock frame.

I know what I want to build, but with $5-10K (probably more) to pay out for "certified" welders and engineering blackmail, I mean certificates, realistically, there's a good chance that I'll never actually get there.

Sooo, if it was possible to find a Spyder frame, shoehorn the XT600 heart into it, probably fit the Yamaha front end etc and change the styling, I'm hoping that the engineering and hassles would be a lot less, and I may have a better chance of getting the bike on the road. One vid I found showed that an XS650 will fit in fine, so the XT600 should.

Anyway, if anyone had a pointer to the RTA requirements for engine changes, that'd be greatly appreciated.


'85 XV1000 with some mods, getting there
'86 XT600Z, going under the knife ASAP

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