Recent sensible rule change in NSW (2016)...

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Recent sensible rule change in NSW (2016)...

Post by Prof » Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:01 am

This info from

Transport for New South Wales’ Centre for Road Safety has implemented changes to the state’s road rules from 1 July aimed at clarifying existing road rules and making them easier to understand.

The changes are focussed around how cyclists use the roads and footpaths, the use of mobile phones, TVs, tablets and GPS and a couple of sensible changes around the operation of a motorcycle.

Previous to these changes to the Australian Road Rules, motorcyclists could previously be booked for pushing a motorcycle without a helmet on, standing on the footpegs, or taking their foot/feet off the footages. But not anymore.

The first change, rule 270, states that a ‘motorcycle rider who is pushing a motorcycle does not have to wear a helmet, if the engine is not running and it is safe to do so.’ Rule 271 a and b states ‘a motorcycle rider may stand on the footrests of a motorcycle provided it is safe to do so, for example to help them maintain control on roads with potholes or loose gravel. A motorcycle rider may remove a foot from the footrest when it is safe to do so, for example to stretch.’

A fully updated version of the NSW Road Rules 2014 is available on the New South Wales Government legislation website. For further information on NSW Roads Rules visit the Roads and Maritime website or call Service NSW on 137 788.
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Re: Recent sensible rule change in NSW (2016)...

Post by tigerbob » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:53 pm

That's good news - the best news since lane filtering was introduced.

I was also told that green slips should be coming down in price next year. I'm not sure how that will be enforced but it is apparently a NSW Govt. directive - we'll see...
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