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Post by markee » Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:24 pm

If of interest to anyone PM for photos. I'm in Adelaide
Tank has been done in a sort of Candy Apple Red looks excellent with one pin size chip by where joins onto frame. Side covers need repainting. A good project for cafe/bobber or whatever. That was my idea anyway!!!! 750 MOTOR .... Some one started a ‘café’ look.It has been sitting for some years .Going by id numbers is a D frame with a C motor with later model BS34 carbs, valve covers take the later O rings & clutch has the later wire retaining ring on back plate. The head valve guides look different from my other bike a copper/brass colour. Wiring has been redone very neatly minimalized with only lights, ignition to be wired in. Wires have markings on them as to what they are but some have faded. Frame has some paint chips from taking engine in/out. Front end twin disk with old style calipers with spacers to make fit & a bigger diameter master cylinder . Calipers were seized awaiting seal kits from Mikes XS. Tyres are both brand new.Small aftermarket instruments(as Mikes Xs sells)
Cylinders are away getting rebored for new 81mm pistons. I think will be Wiseco as thats all can get at the moment . Gaskets etc on the way from Mikes XS. Wheels alloy ‘mudcatchers’ Rear wheel has new brake linings & look like new bearing seals, not sure if new bearings or not. Kick start only as previous owner took off all surplus electrics. I got bike, had engine sandblasted then realized poor compression so pulled down. Has a big box with all the electric bits taken off along with a collection of spare coils rear-set controls(don’t know if will fit or not), handle bar switches ( at least 4). I got instruments & starter motor to suit & new aftermarket throttle assembly. Has a LHS aftermarket switchgear. Spare forks, handlebars, headstem. Am getting lots of bits from Mikes XS such as pod air filters, hoses, filters, cam guide, gaskets ,side cover latches ( side covers need repainting are black & no dents that I can see).I’m half way thru valve regrind as seats look ok.
Will sell at my cost taking into account new parts on the way. Want to sell as is which requires engine to be assembled. Asking$3800 ONO which includes $550 for rebore & pistons, & approx $500 in parts on way from Mikes XS

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