2007 1600 Roadstar engine 6K,kms only . complete project kit

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2007 1600 Roadstar engine 6K,kms only . complete project kit

Post by boyd182 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:50 pm

Hi , I Have a complete and mint condition 2007 yammy roadstar V-twin engine with only 6000ks on it. It has all electrics , dynatune ecu, kuryakyn hypercharger, V&H pipes, all wiring , key and ignition, trannie , and rear belt drives , with complete original wiring looms left n right handlebar controls n grips etc plus assorted mounts n bits n bobs. Its a complete build project powerplant , All you need is the frame of your choice(and theres lots available , next to HD this is the most popular metric engine for custom builds in the USA, take a gander theres loads of choice examples from baggers to prostreets, steetfighters and classic to ultra modern examples) add wheels tank n lights and whatever digital controls take your fancy. There are a heap of performance parts available , high comp easy to get and fit ,engine can be bored out to 1900 and piston n ring kits about $200 US, Yammy warrior and MT01 barrels, pistons heads etc all interchangeable. Latr model injection can be sourced from wreckers in the states or here and retro fitted with that bikes ecu(this engine fitted with the standard carb and high flow fuel pump). I bought this all for $3.5 K (have reciepts and tansport needed docs) I wanted to build something very special and my choice of donk came down to an S&S big boy or the Yammy , the yammy was way better value for the bucks(if I win lotto Id have the S&S but its a close run thing) and really is one of the nicest looking reliable and powerfull engines out there ....Sadly (very sadly ) my business has floundered and I need to put all my time and finances into it . My dream machine will stay on my wish list until better times arrive .... My loss your gain and I will shed $1000 and let it all go for only $2,500. I live in Brisbane and could arrange shipping, email me , my mobile is stuffed (dont like to be dropped apparently) but should have my new one in a day or so. Engine can be viewed anytime..... Oh and a technical side note , the trannie on these only moves drive from right to left and also holds some oil it can be removed easy peasy an mt01 or other yammy cog fitted or run original belt right side drive (chain drive as on the MT01 , same engine and gear box are integral) PLUS you lose 40 pounds and get a heap more room to truly achieve whatever your custom vision may be.... my mobile is 0468654079 give it a go and hopefully by the new year i will have it ... if not email...... Cool site and now happy to be a new member and contribute ( cant build right now but I can gossip and impart what meagre knowledge may be usefull ...... ave a good new year .... Boyd182

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Re: 2007 1600 Roadstar engine 6K,kms only . complete project

Post by Spokes » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:51 pm

Have you had any bites on this yet?
I pointed you to this site as I thought that some one here would appreciate the opportunity to acquire one of the most reliable and best engines ever made.
Unfortunately a lot of people here are too 'old skool cool' and won't look at anything unless it is a triumph (or xs imitation triumph) or that rubbish american brand.

Good luck with it.
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Re: 2007 1600 Roadstar engine 6K,kms only . complete project

Post by Happosai » Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:18 pm

Wish I had the spare cash would be an awsome motor for a project

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Re: 2007 1600 Roadstar engine 6K,kms only . complete project

Post by Aussiehard » Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:25 pm

Post some photos might help with interest?

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