Honda Chopper Project - CG frame and Springer.

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Honda Chopper Project - CG frame and Springer.

Post by VMAX » Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:18 pm


Excellent CG frame with factory number and VIN number stamped.
Previous owner told me it was registered as a chopper, but I have no paperwork to verify. So please feel free to run the number by your local rego office.

Located QLD 4311.
Happy to help load at this end if you arrange and pay for courier (payment cleared prior to collection of course).

Loads more photos on Ebay. ... 1555.l2649

----- Here is the desciption (ebay cut/paste) ---

HONDA CHOPPER (PROJECT) - With Frame Number Stamp.
Here is your chance to build that Honda Chopper you have been dreaming about!

Assembled enough for photos and to give you an idea of the huge potential this chop has.
Its the very last Honda Four I had in my chopper shed.

I bought the frame from a guy in VIC who told me it was previously registered. The Frame has a number stamp (Not simply CB750-xxx...etc.) but a different stamp, and im inclined to believe him that this was previously registered as a CHOPPER. You may want to check out the number yourself from your local rego office.

This is a factory built CG frame, solid, high quality and made specifically for Honda Four engines.
The frame has a CG stamp indicating that it was frame number 30 and built in 1977.

FRAME factory stamp is (CG 77 30)

The headstock also has a previous owners stamp and I was told it was previously registered as a chopper and that is where the number came from.
Please do you own research.

FRAME Number is (V852240P)

The springer is a high quality manufactured item and the stem (which is removable and replaceable with different dia stem) has been machined to take taper roller bearings and fit this frame.
Chrome is flaking in some places, but not terribly. The axel has spacers to match and take the currently fitted spool hub wheel.

CB750 SOHC.. of course! :) I drove from Brissy to Sydney to collect this one in person many years ago. It was previously fitted to a go kart down there.
On bringing it home I placed it on a bench and hooked it up to coils and a battery and got it to fire up. That was probably 8 yrs ago and it hasnt been started since.
It turns over and has compression and I believe it will fire up again. But you will need to spend some time to flush diesel through it and clean out the gunk, it has sat very long untouched and although its not rust seized and has compression, it is just not turning over very fast on the kick or electric start. 1 day of flushing it through it, followed by fresh oil should spring it back to life.

One other thing I noticed when I first collected it from Sydney is that there has been a repair to the crank case in front of the sprocket. Presumably the chain may have came off in the past or the angle of the chain, when it was fitted to a go kart may have been the issue. But the previous owner told me it didnt leak oil. (I can sell you another empty crank case if you want a back up plan, but the repair looks oil tight to me).

ENGINE Number is (CB750E- {hang on ill go check and update} )

The Tank is a 1970s coffin tank and has a few dings. Wouldnt bother me in the slightest, but if it bugs you then plan of using some filler.

Oil Tank:
The oil tank fits the pre drilled holes below the seat area, Its a high capacity item and as such will be great for keeping you chop running cool on long runs.
Simple to bolt in place, but I didnt as I was considering fitting a HEX oil tank and painting it black.

Exhaust Pipes:
I dont have header clamps or would have bolted them up. The chrome is tatty and it may be best to paint. Apparently these are cross over pipes?? But I couldnt figure out how they went together by trying to just hold them all in place.. you need 4 hands..and less beer, it seems. LOL

Other parts as shown in the photos, are part of the project package. As you can see the main parts are there and the rest are not that expensive to source. (Front tire has puncture but has good tread. Back tire has had a bolt rubbing against it in the past so has damage. Tread good otherwise).
Front and Rear Sprockets are good.

I hooked the rear brake up to make transporting easier and the tank and front end are bolted well enough for transport. Engine is aligned, but only loosely fitted as I didnt yet fit the chrome mounting plates (please see photos of parts that come with the chop). Again, was deliberating painting black. So thats a decision for you.

Please note that the rear hub has corrosion and better to re chrome (or paint) The rear rim was pretty rusty and (like everything) I just hit it with some Matt black to suit my preferences. I hate polishing stuff.

This is an easy project to complete and as you can clearly see its a REAL chopper :).

I can deliver within 150 klms of Lowood QLD 4311 for $150.


Price: Its listed on ebay as $4500 or best offer.
I will offer CA folk mates rates and sell for $3750 or very nearest offer.

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Re: Honda Chopper Project - CG frame and Springer.

Post by VMAX » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:57 pm


Thankyou :)

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