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This is the beginning of a complete index of TCS posts... please be patient it will take time...

001 Bazzas Triumph... 1 page (incomplete), forward control brackets, rear engine mounts, backbone replacement, sprung saddle base and padding and a few other bits ... f=60&t=102

002 Cable brake construction... 1 page ... ?f=60&t=48

003 Brian's rear mudguard rebuild... 1 page, Inexpensive rear guard, stainless sissy bar ... =60&t=2543

004 Paul's CB500 rebuild... one photo & brief explanation ... =60&t=3502

005 Brackets etc... 1post and two photos (oil tank brackets, exhaust brackets, with a brief explanation ... =60&t=4175

006 Sissy Bars... photos and brief explanation on 6 different sissy bars and different ways of mounting ... =60&t=4197

007 Forward Controls... 1 post with photos and comments on a set of chromed forwards for an 82 Sporty ... =60&t=4200

008 June, Seat, slugs & lowering blocks... Seat base and foam for a 1500 cruiser, stainless fork slugs, lowering blocks for an 80's Suzuki, brief explanations ... =60&t=5122

009 Steve's Yellow & Black CB750... 3 posts forward controls, rear guard, novel place for ignition switch, detailed fabrication of stainless 4 into 2 exhaust system ... 232#p35232

010 Trident, seat, forwards, pipes, electrics box, brake.... One post with pics of each finished job. Brakes show how to set up rear brake plate meant for swing arm onto a hard tail. Also unique but very comfy 'camel's hump' solo seat ... =60&t=5107

011 Sidestand... Stainless sidestand with a snakes head, final pic ... =60&t=5288

012-116 BensVF750... This 5 part series of posts is a very detailed account of the complete build. New rear sub frame, unique tank and electrics box. Link to next part at end of each part... ... =60&t=5358

017 Budget Tail light... Using an old bicycle headlight and an aftermarket trail bike taillight into a one-of-a-kind chopper taillight. Bunch of pics and explanation ... 876#p36876

018 Slugs... a couple of pics of different slugs I've made with a few comments about safety ... 805#p36805

019 1975 CB750 progression... See a CB750 raked and back on the road in 1.5 days! Lots of photos and a full explanation, plus other bits and pieces ... 750#p37750

020 Scouser's T140 V... This Triumph was a disaster when we got it. Engine needed everything inside new. Engine was badly misaligned in the frame. Frame was too long etc. This series of posts and more in a different section of the forums shows major changes done (some in detail) in The Chopper Shed and some done a year later by the owner. Interesting to see the difference shortening a long rigid frame makes. Also interesting tail light treatment. ... =60&t=5336

021 Prof's model U 1974... Five photos of chopper Prof took 2 years building 1972-1974 with a list of work done. ... 461#p38461

022 Aug 2009: Rake & Lower, 73 CB500, 95 Virago, 81 XV, XS65... A couple of posts. Close up photos of extending the neck of an XV/Virago, lowering the rear of an XV (single shock). Before and after shots of CB550, XS650, XV and Virago lowered and raked. Plus some sissy bar ideas. ... =60&t=4169

023 Chops /frames, Shakey & Pygmy's Hondas, GS850, 82 Sporty... Before and after photos of a full chop job on an 82 sporty. A couple of pics of a SOHC CB750 frame rake. A couple of pics of a new rear sub frame of a GS850 and a fully damped sprung saddle. An explanation of the mechanics of sprung solo saddles. Top tube repair on CB rigid frame. Cool way to mount a chain guard. Steering lock lug. Close up shots of front and rear of CB cable operated drum brake setup and finally a trick saddle that doesn't look sprung. ... 199#p27671

024 You won't believe this.... Bobs Honda Chopper... Some interesting info on springer function/malfunction. How to renew the cork on a petrol/oil cap. Making a vent out of a bolt. Underneath shot of an inner sprung solo saddle. ... =60&t=5983
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