Still busy (no pics yet)...

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Still busy (no pics yet)...

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In case you have been wondering, its been busy, busy, busy at The Chopper Shed.

This last week we have built forward controls, stainless cross over 4-2's dropped the rear end and raked Phil's GSX 1100. Will be finished tomorrow and Phil takes the chopper back to North Queensland. It will be pulled apart and painted so you won't see it for a while.

Monday, Rob rolls in and we spend two days resetting up his 53 degree raked sporty. Wednesday I'm taking off.

Five of us also camped overnight south of Cambrai and had a leisurely ride through Wakerie and back through Murray Bridge... would be cool to get out more, but all you blokes wanting choppers and cafe's need to be taken care of.

I'll get up a story on Phil's chopper and our overnighter shortly.

Build safe, Ride safe.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof
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