Oxygen Sensor Plugs

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Oxygen Sensor Plugs

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All I can say is that modern Harleys are so uncool; fuel injection, electronic ignition, electronic everything else and bells and whistles galore!!!!

Recently a customer bought a set of modern pipes to put on his chopper... and they had oxygen sensors, not something he needed on his older machine.

So a set of plugs to block up the holes were required.

Most sensors I have previously seen have a 14mm thread, but these were big boys and thread measured out to 18 x 1.5...

Simplest solution was to grab an 18x1.5 bolt from the fasteners place (Konnect is the closest). NOt quite so simple as they had to hunt a store that had some, but we got the bolts within two days.

To cut to length, I screwed the bolt into a nut and then cut a section of the threaded end off to the width of the bolt... made sure I wound it out a bit before fully cutting it off though, so I could unscrew it once cut all the way. Then used a ball pene hammer to pene over one end. This done so the plug would pull up tight when it is screwed into the sensor thread on the exhaust pipe. Finally a double cut with a 1mm angle grinder blade and the plugs are ready to screw in. A bit of heat proof loctite or similar and the pipes will be plugged. Job took 15 minutes.
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