Mini choppers invade Willunga...

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Mini choppers invade Willunga...

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One Sunday morning while working in my shed, I heard the glorius sound of a Harley and as usual raced out to check it out...

but lo and behold what was that I could hear... suddenly the air was rent by the tearing sound of a tiny two stroke...

...and there it was... I'd never seen anything like it in m' life... a bird, a plane, a chain saw? no... a mini chop... in fact two mini chops shepherded by a Sportster... Well I never... I had to check this out...

As they rode off into the distance ablivious to this incredulous chopper freak, I raced back to the shed, fired up my bike... oops! grabbed my helmet, and headed off after them.

Finally ran them down as they were pulling into a house on the other side of town. My first look at a mini chopper... Out with my camera and a couple of rushed photos.

Well these bikes are every where now, the magazines are full of them, the pollies and cops are talking about them and lots and lots of dudes are riding them...


So let's see some great photos of your special mini chopper and hear some stories too.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof
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