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Sell your choppers and chopper & bike parts, riding gear, memorabilia etc... Just register on this forum to buy and sell... These forums are not to be used by businesses as unpaid advertising. Any such posts will be removed immediately. See website "Services " page for your opportunity to offer your services and products to our readers...

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About this forum... Please read...

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This "For sale" forum is a FREE SERVICE provided for all chopper enthusiasts.

You do not have to be a financial member of Choppers Australia to use this forum. However you will need to register as a Forum member. See instructions in the "Register" tab at the top of each page.

As a special service to Choppers Australia financial members, we also allow custom cars and parts and in special circumstances ordinary cars to be advertised.

Please note... that neither Choppers Australia, its personnel or administrators receive any payment for advertising. The deal is strictly between the buyer and seller.

Please note... that it is the buyer's responsibility to satisfy himself that the vehicle or part he is buying is roadworthy and safe to use. Modified motor vehicles come under the Australian Design Rules (ADR's) which are applied differently in different states. This includes such things as mudguard length, chain guards, handle bar height and width, taillight lenses, tail light height, frame numbers, frame rake and numerous others. Some regulations differ according to year of manufacture. You will find links on these forums to government motor vehicle regulations.

A vehicle that is registered in one state may not be able to be registered in another.

Where a frame has been modified or fully fabricated, all states require and engineer's certificate and a roadworthy inspection. It is not a cheap exercise. To obtain an engineer's certificate usually involves photos of each stage of construction with special attention applied to weld quality and neatness, tubing type and wall thickness and adherance to construction principles such as gusseting and triangulation and running length of unsupported tube.

We say again... it is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly check all these things. Choppers Australia members, personell, and forum administrators take no responsibility for any chopper of chopper part advertised on this forum.

PLEASE NOTE... Just because a chopper or part of a chopper build has been presented on a Choppers Australia forum, does not mean it is necessarilly a quality job and therefore safe to ride and registerable. A potential buyer is advised to note comments made about aspects of the build that may give a clue to its quality and design. Look closely at photos where welds are shown and observe the overall care of construction and assembly. Grinding, bog and paint can "hide a multitude of sins" so buyer beware.

These forums are provided for the enjoyment and benefit of chopper builders, owners and enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy them and benefit greatly from them...
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ok its the case i have to not want to 1956 triumph 650 chopper bobber pre unit all it needs for rwc is speedo,horn button will have to change the front forks two diffent fork stems paint job is very good spent a lot of time getting it going ask doa he help me to get it going ,brand new tryes front n back single seat rego twin carbys amal must sell buy sunday bsa plunger frame head light n brake light works go to gday forum to have a look gear box has been recondtion will have it advertised eles were pm $3500 ono u will get a good buy ask doa :cry:
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