Yamaha Left handed Mirror solution...

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Yamaha Left handed Mirror solution...

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So you've just bought aftermarket mirrors for your Yammie. You made sure you bought metric mirrors because this is a Japper.

But heck that right one won't screw in. That's right. Yamaha in their wisdom are unique in using a left hand threaded mirror mount on the right side. Some one please tell me why!!

Any way a new customer who'd seen Chops'nBobbers mag in West Coast Trading in the city thought I might be able to help. I only took one photo of the job but the solution is quite simple if a little expensive if you do it yourself.

The after market mirrors he'd purchased had M10.1.25 threaded stalks. The existing left handed Yamaha thread is 10mm. so we can't just rethread it. Instead we need to use a recoil thread. If you are unfamiliar with them a recoil thread is a metal thread (looks like a coil spring). The kits to install a recoil thread is around $80.00 so not cheap if you have to buy it for a single job.

The process is as follows;
1. Drill out the old thread with the drill suggested in the kit.
2. Use the kit's thread tap to run a new thread in the alloy.
3. Make sure it is nice and clean (ie don't use thread lube as you normally would) and coat the outside of the recoil thread with a small amount of medium strength loctite.
4. Fit the recoil thread on the installation key and screw in.
5. Tap out a small protrusion on the bottom of the recoil thread with tool provided or a drift punch.

Mirror stalk can now be screwed in as a normal right hand thread on sensible bikes can be!

In the pic below, blue arrow points to recoil thread, white arrow points to installation key, yellow arrow points to thread tap, green arrow the newly installed right hand threaded mirror...

Owner left very happy. He's just purchased the VStar650 and has a few more jobs he wants to do so you'll see him back here some time soon no doubt. Had to put a couple of pics on his cool bobber...

Chopit'nrideit... Prof
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