Pan upgrade and meatballs 6 over springer...

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Re: Pan upgrade...

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Will definitely suggest to Rayne that we pin one nut to become a bolt head. Machining the other end of the axle to prevent thread damage from the set screw is something I had not thought of, but a great idea. If I could index a chuck (with a big enough through hole for the axle) in the mill to machine fine facets that would be even better.

It occurs to me that if I clamped the axle horizontally in the mill vice using a pair of lock nuts I could get six facets. Twelve would be better and there could be a way using a second set of lock nuts. Hmm! Will go to bed and ponder on it.

Anyone with further suggestions here.
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Re: Pan upgrade...

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Thank you Steve, Prof, Tony for the above discussion.

Will definitely weld one side and discuss options for the other.

I put loktite on them when I got to the show on Sunday and they haven’t moved since.

The ride home was a good one and hit the twisties pretty hard with Victor to see what it had. Handled great and had a lot of confidence into the corners. Then onto the FWY and sat on 110 with no wobble etc.

I will also be cutting a couple of inches of the bottom of the bars to drop them a bit. Will see how the bars feel from there. I have a feeling I will be changing to risers and 10” apes. This may include a different top mount that has the ears, which Meatballs (Tony) sells, for dog bone risers.

Looking forward to putting some miles on now.

See y’all at the Muster.
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Re: Pan upgrade...

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As you said 6 flats are easy to achieve. 12 is more difficult. What if you just stick to 6 flats and do 2 set screws at 90 degrees. That way you would always have a set screw bearing on a surface that opposes counter clockwise rotation. If for some reason one set screw comes out the other will still try and stop rotation.

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